Getting Knighted

December 13, 2011
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My head was dizzy, my feet felt like lead, as I trudged through the double doors of my High School. I was ready to make a good impression upon everyone, and I did not want to be the “new kid.” I remember the kids all in a hurry, scurrying to their first period. So many kids, at least three times as many kids from my last school. My friends, my family, my home all left behind when we moved. I had heard so many different stories about my high school, that I just knew I was not going to like it. I remember the sky being so clear and blue. The air was warm, usual to our Tennessee weather. And I remember looking out onto the vibrant yellow of the school sign. The school had a beat, everyone beating to their own drums, every step, every voice mellowed together. It was like a hum of a large beast. A hum I learned to love. My first day there was a true culture shock, but each day after it, it began to feel nature, like I should have been there from the start.

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