my love

December 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Right in the middle of my freshman year I was taken out and homeschooled by my mom, she did online work with me. Home school was hell! I had to spend all day with someone who was on my top 5 annoying list. But I did end up finishing my freshman year. but at the end of my freshman year I had started to talk to this boy on facebook , I know that is super corny but in 20 years they will have something like that only better and I say back when facebook was around….. so anyways we talked for about a month and then he asked me out to the movies and what not. So its may,28,10 about 2 in the afternoon. I was begging my mom for this date for a week and I had not done to hot on a quiz in math she was about to say no when I begged her and said “you can’t stop young love”. Little did I know I was right about that one? So she agreed and said on one condition, which god knows why I agreed to this. My grandma was in town (last person I want this guy I kind of know to meet). And my parents said they wanted a date night and I said ok so you can drop us off at the ocean walk and then go and do whatever, that’s what I thought she was going to do. I was wrong since my grandma was in town with her boy toy thing, Wayne we had a triple date!! I was mortified the first hour. We went to go pick up the kid now my love, and my dad’s half buzzed and my mom’s wearing bootie shorts, and my grandma, well it’s my grandma, so I’m just nervous because I really like this kid and on top of this people he should meat like at least 2 weeks later if it worked are here kidding around with me and telling me to wear a chastity belt, at that point I should have just said I have the stomach flu and stopped and stayed in my house for the rest of my life, but I’m so glad I didn’t. That night was one of the best night of my life, ok well back to the truck we go and pick him up and his neighbor/friends are outside yelling crap like monkeys at me. So that I thought was a hint of how the night was going to go, so as I muster up the strength to knock on the door , I look at my outfit and think ok I look good and I smell great for once and my hair is nice kind of oh well . And my bras fitting nicely legs shaved, I have this wait did I brush my teeth?! Oh yah I did and mouths wash and floss. Ok so I thought I looked good, and his sweet little mom comes to the door and she’s so cute and Portuguese. I’m thinking to myself” I want one “. And then I saw him. He was gorgeous tan dark hair dark eyes but still golden dark black hair, sexy European features! I just wanted to pick him up and hang him on my wall, but unfortunately I could. He was a little bit shorter than my by a inch or two he was 5’7 and I have been blessed to be 5’9. But I didn’t care he smelt great and so did I ! so for the first few minutes in the car it was awkward, you no the usual the parent blasting RUN DMC, the grandma reaching over you and saying “I want to have coffee with your mom”, my dad asking him all these questions already, me in between this trying not to cry and mouth “sorry” the whole time. No when we get to the ocean walk , which is the cats pajamas of the time for hanging out and homeless people and smoking and other trashy activities, I didn’t have a cell phone so my mom gave him her number , so after that whole awkward 15 mins of my life was over, we walk to the movies and couldn’t really decide a movie to see so I just figured he’s paying and I don’t really want to see a movie I just wanted to eat and get that awkward tension over with. I picked iron man 2 romantic stupid, waste of money, but after that we walked on the beach and sat at a bench and talked. I was so nervous and had so many butterflies I can sort of remember everything we talked about, but I knew when I was with him it felt right and felt like I could do this for the rest of my life and I had never been so attracted to someone, not even in looks but just them being there. And I he asked me out of course I say “sure” in my head i wanted to say “YES””Yes” and “yes”. But I played it cool. After that awkward/amazing night we were at his house and were lying in his bed, no nothing dirty I don’t put out so easy, he said I love you. I was amazed and had never been told that before other than family members and it took a second to register and I wanted to just kiss him forever but I played it cool and said “same” and why I said such little girl words I don’t know why, but. I knew I loved him to and then it grew and grew and I am happily with the man of my life for the past year and seven months and all of it feels right and like it will forever. I still get the butterflies when I see him and hes about to walk up to me and kiss me on the cheek, now a few things have changed, hes taller and im not thank god. I know how to say the words I love you!

The author's comments:
this is a true story of my akward first date but my last one i'll ever need

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