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December 7, 2011
By CaptainHackAttack42 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
CaptainHackAttack42 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
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Looking back on my childhood, I have a lot of fond memories. Thoughts that have stuck to my brain, reminding me of the times where everything was simple and fun. Times where all someone had to do was kiss it, and it got better. Those days flew by fast, and I’d have to say I really miss them. But my fondest memory was the year I found out I was going to be a big sister, and to be more precise, the Thanksgiving of that year. I can still play the day like a movie in my head…

Leaves fell from above, wiggling and tossing through the air, some crimson, others auburn or golden. The light breeze made the trees shake and dance, their branches swaying and twirling like a ballerina on stage. When were they gonna be here? I thought to myself as I sat and waited for the guests to arrive.The smell of pumpkin rose up to my nose from downstairs, the sweet scent made my mouth water, so I peeled my eyes away from the scene and turned around. My little room was a peachy color, not too dark and when the sun hit it just right, it lit up like a firefly. Small toys were scattered on the floor, next to some clothes and I quickly picked them up. I skipped over to my closet and grabbed some jeans and the frilly shirt that I had to wear, then went downstairs to investigate the smell.

My mother, now seven months into her pregnancy, was at the stove, stirring a stew most likely, for the family coming over later. I had always wondered how she used to balance many things on her plate, like my softball games, the baby, fundraisers and feasts like this, but they were the reasons I loved her. She had a on a loose shirt, it was a light orange color, and a pair of comfy-looking sweats that were black, her stomach accented the clothing so that it poked out and made her look like she had already eaten the soon-to-come-feast. The blonde curls that strung out of the little bun she had put it up in were perfect and light, I couldn’t wait to see my new little brother!

I looked around at the little tan kitchen, the white fridge, tile floors, wooden cupboards, and saw the pie in the oven, my mom opened it on cue and said “looks good huh?” and I nodded, more sweet smelling air coming from the oven.

The headlights shone through the window, and my head turned automatically towards them. It was my grandmother. She stepped out of her green minivan-looking car and pulled her jacket shut, then leaned in and pulled out a glass container with silver foil covering the top. When she came inside a gust of frigid wind escaped through the door and I shivered. She sat down what looked like an apple crisp and took off her trench coat. I ran and hugged her, she felt warm, but her skin cold, smelling of mint and vanilla -I love this smell-. I picked up the crisp and put it in our fridge, slightly slipping on the white tile floor. I turned around and looked at my gram, her short blonde-highlighted hair was straightened and spiked slightly in the back, she had light grey dress pants on with a pretty white shirt. Her blue eyes smiled back at me, as she asked how school was going. I answered slowly the words rolling off my tongue without thinking.Later that day more family started to show up- first two, then seven, then twenty, and then there were at least thirty people! My cousin and I played tag, weaving in and out of family members legs, and up the stairs to my room, where I found all my other cousins playing with my barbies, all the frilly dresses on the floor around them. We sat on my bed and laughed, then someone called up “Dinner guys!” and we all ran downstairs. The crowd was enormous, everyone I loved was there, from aunts and uncles to great grandparents! I took my seat at the long wooden table, it was decorated with a red tablecloth, shiny plates that we only used for big gatherings like this one, and food of all sorts. The smell of the potatoes, carrots, pies, and other good food made my stomach growl. I sat down and felt the soft table cloth under my hands as I hoisted myself up on the chair, the heat from everyone radiated to me and made me hot. I looked around and tasted the turkey in the air. Where WAS the turkey? I thought to myself.

Then as if to answer my mental question my dad came in carrying a large turkey, and my grandfather behind him with ham, then my uncle with chicken- right then and there I knew this was going to be a BIG meal.

Plates were passed along to everyone, and we all put what we wanted onto them. Then we said our thanks- one by one- moving along the table. As it got closer to me I started to think. What should I say? What if it comes out stupid? By now I was deep in thought, trying to come up with a good thanks. Then I thought of it. Someone -I don’t know who- interrupted my inner babble and I heard them say “Thank you for letting me be here with all my loved ones for another day”. Once my newest thought came I couldn’t stop myself from saying it. Finally, it got to me and I said softly “Thank you for letting all my family be here, I love them very much” and in reply everyone went “Aw”. After we were done, and everyone was digging in, my mom asked me “Why’d you thank ‘Him’ for that?” I simply said back to her “because… I couldn’t ask for more. And I was thinking… You never know when one of them is gonna leave us forever, so I thought that while everyones here I might as well say I loved them!” then she smiled, handed me a fork, and we dug into the feast.

As I slid a bite of casserole into my mouth I started thinking, like really thinking. What made me so thankful for all of this? Which let to me thinking about the summer before, when my great grandmother had passed. I didn’t see her much before that because she lived in Alabama, but it definitely changed my view on my family, and friends.

When the time came for everyone to leave, they left on a good note. Rubbing there stomachs and telling my mom that the food was great, telling me that they loved me, and telling my dad that they should go fishing next weekend before the lakes freeze over. By the time they were all gone, I was tired and ready for bed, my stomach poking out from all the food made it look like I was pregnant.

I’m thirteen now, and still appreciate my family in the ways that I did that day. However, our family life has become more complicated. I am a big sister of two brothers now. My first brother’s name is Preston, and he’s my best friend. I can’t imagine life without him. We also have another brother who just turned two, his name is Gavin. Gavin lives with my mother and her boyfriend, while Preston and I live with my father. My mother isn’t the woman she used to be. She went from good mother, that goes to all of our sports, brings us where we need to go, makes dinner every night and chases our troubles away, to a mom that yells, fights, and sits on a couch. Her boyfriend is not very pleasant, and I am afraid of him. He is only concerned with Gavin, who is his son.

Life is starting to look good now that Im out of there, so I guess you can say I’m overly-happy, just like I was when I was seven. I live with my Dad now, full time. It’s really helping me in school, I’m not stressing all day about having to go home and deal with my mom and her boyfriend, so I’m starting to get caught up again. My brother gavin still sees my mom but thats ok, because his dads their to take care of him. It’s nice to finally be able to have friends over, and not be embarrassed of my mom and her boyfriend. I like being able to go hang out with friends too. It also feels good to be able to act like a kid too… I don’t have to worry about where my brothers are, and if their ok. Now all I have to worry about is my grades, and myself. But other then those few problems… I’m ok.

The author's comments:
This was a memory I have from when I was little, we had to write memoirs in school, then publish them... So tell me what you think :) I hope you feel some emotion, but it's not really sad or anything...

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