Love Dies pt 1

December 6, 2011
By LonelyDarkness BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
LonelyDarkness BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Dont stop Believing

It was dark out, it was New Year’s Eve and I was walking down the street into time square. As I was walking, all I could see were a lot of people rushing down to time square to get ready for the giant clock to hit twelve. All I could hear were fireworks from a long distance exploding, from my right ear into the left. It was amazingly beautiful and exciting but… somehow I am not excited. I mean… I know I should be happy that it’s another year but… I just feel empty. I feel like I need something else, something that’s amazing in every way… or maybe it’s just me being selfish, just wanting more.
Anyway as soon as I got to time square it was nearly four-hundred people there. It was so crowded that I could barely see the giant clock. So I thought; maybe I could pass a couple of people to get there. So when I tried to pass them I was yelling “Excuse me!!” “Excuse me!!” Many of them let me threw, and some of them had an attitude but I did not care, after all it is New York. So I kept passing threw people until I bumped into someone. I apologize and help that person up. When I saw that person’s face, my eyes got wider. It was a beautiful girl, who had gorgeous black hair, a dazzling smile, the sweetest voice, and the most amazing personality.
She had spoken to me and said “its okay” then she introduced herself. She had the most beautiful name, her name was Violent Newton. She asked me what my name was… I did not tell her; for I was timid. She seems to be okay with that, so she gave me a nick name. She called me “Dark Fire” because of my mysterious personality. I loved it. After she had given me that name I asked her who she was hear with. She replied and said her boyfriend. As soon as she said that my heart felt like it’s been burned. I did not know what to do next. I thought about leaving, but that will just make it mean and awkward. So I said gently “really?” and she replied and said “yeah he’s just getting us some drinks for the celebration” then I said “oh” she told me that it was nice meeting me and we should be pin-pals I agreed.
To be Continued….

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