Peyton Joy

December 5, 2011
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Peyton had touched many hearts. She was a sister, a daughter, and a friend. At the young age of three, God took her away. At just three she had learned to swim with floaties, and sing Sunday school songs. She was always an enenergeticperson. Her favorite song was “Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet.” She would walk around the house singing that song constantly.

Peyton also loved going to pre-school where she met her best friend Carla. She always had a smile on her face, no matter what her mood was.

With Peyton being such a strong person, she would always expect the positive. Like this one time when her little brother Max was hitting her, she would just say, “Oh Max just loves me!” She never thought negative about anything.

Peyton knew exactly what she wanted! She would always tell my mom that she wanted apples with the skins cut off. She only wanted a little portion of apples, but she wanted to make sure the skins were cut off the apple.

There was never a dull moment with Peyton. Peyton was always joking around while doing what we called her crazy eyes. She would bring her left eye and move it so that it was all the way up and to the side. Peyton always made everyone laugh. The most memorable time I had with her was when I was babysitting her, her brother Max, and her sister Piper. We were all watching a movie while Peyton was on my lap and she looked up to me and said, “Tessa, I love you.” She was always a sweet little girl. What she said will always touch my heart, it will never be forgotten.

The funniest thing about Peyton was how she sucked her thumb, while at the same time she picked her belly-button. She would pick it until it bled. One time her mom, Jill, tried to take her hand out of her belly-button, she had gotten really mad. After that everybody just let her do her own thing. We had always called her, PJ because her name was Peyton Joy. PJ was a cute name that suited her really well.

I remember that day when God took you away from us. We were so devastated. Although I never got to say goodbye, part of me wishes I would have. But having to see you in that room with tubes hooked up to you would’ve broke my heart. It was enough to see you in the ambulance on your way to the hospital. My aunt had to pick me up at the hospital because it was really hard for me to face death. I knew you weren’t going to make it, so I had choose to go home. I didn’t want to have to see everyone so upset over your passing.

When we got that phone call from my mom saying you had passed, me and my aunt pulled over and just cried Why would he take you? Why did this happen to us? Those questions had ran constantly through our minds, but we knew you were in a better place.

When I come to visit you, I always look at your pretty flowers and the engraving on your stone. The stone that represents the girl you are. From what you called “Slip slops”, to the poem on the back of your stone that describes a young girl going up to heaven and meeting jesus for the first time, and how that little girl wasn’t afraid to be in a different place. She was safe. All of that just fits you!

I will always remember the fun and memorable times I had with Peyton. She was such a beautiful and enenergeticlittle girl. She would’ve been 6 today. Peyton was full of laughter and spunk. She will be missed! I will always love you Peyton Joy.

In Loving Memory of Peyton Joy Egger
[ March 3, 2005 - July 18, 2008 ]

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