To My Hero

December 4, 2011
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Dear Greatest Grand-Father,

Words cannot describe how badly I miss you. It seems like only yesterday that I was running up to you and jumping in your arms. "My precious darling", you would say as you hugged me tightly. Nothing can bring you back now but I only hope that we will meet someday soon.

I was very young when you passed on. I guess God needed you then. But I remember the night terribly when he did take you. My best friend and I were in the middle of making a time capsule when Mum walked in with the bad news. I never will forget that night, because that particular night I lost apart of myself, my identity. I cried and cried until tears were no longer produced. For two weeks I could not sleep, I could hardly breathe. All I could think of was your great big smile and the joy you would try and contain when you saw me. It still brings tears to my eyes today. 

Please believe me Darr when I say if we could go back in time, I would spend every minute around you appreciatively. I would play cards with you all night long. I would come and keep you company on the nights that you felt lonely. There are so many things I never got to ask you. Like how being kicked out of the navy felt or ask you about your war days. I know you loved talking about them. 

When you first got sick I didn't fully understand what was happening to you, with me being so young. I didn't understand how you could lose parts of your memory. And soon forget about me completely. I didn't mind though because I knew somewhere deep inside your head, you still felt a connection to me. Visiting you in the hospital, seeing you so sick made very upset. I was scared that you felt helpless and alone once visiting hours were over. I would go home and cry with the thought that maybe you forgot the goodbye hug that I gave you and you felt upset. I worried that you also cried at night, feeling lonely and wondering why everyone had left you. I'm sorry if you did. I would have stayed all night if I could of. 

Through all of this though, I have come to realize that death is a normal part of life. Everyone dies sometime. Death doesn't mean your gone, it just means that heaven was ready for you. And I am sure I will see you again one day. Wherever you are, I know that you are happy and safe with Mum. I am joining the army as soon as I am of age. That way we will have so much to talk about when I meet you up in heaven. I know you will be looking down on me with pride.

I love you Darr. You are my guardian angel. Please don't become sick of bingo before I get up there,

Your Great-Granddaughter.

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