Dear older version of me

December 3, 2011
If you find this letter I hope you made your dreams come true since the first day you talked. I hope you and your horse made it all the way to Tennessee and started that big horse rescue you kept wishing for. I hope your wish came true when you met Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift in a concert, or bought that huge brown dually truck you always wanted. I also hoped you had a wonderful life time hanging out with the young version of me and all those times John made you go off a big jump on a sled in the winter time even though you didn’t want to. I hope to see you again when we both meet up with everybody in the sky, and don’t forget, I hope wherever you go, dreams will come true if you believe and never give up. From the younger version of you, Ronnie. P.S - I hope people still call you Ronnie and do you still have mac’n cheese every Friday night for supper?

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otherpoet said...
Dec. 8, 2011 at 4:00 pm
We had to write these on our first day of middle school, but mine was not as creative!
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