Death Chamber

November 28, 2011
By Anonymous

That summer day, I came to conquer my biggest fear in the whole entire world, THE KINGDA KA at The Six Flags Amusement park! It was every adult’s nightmare, and every kid’s death chamber! I was scared as can be and also, I had never ridden a roller coaster in my life! All of my fears were eventually jumbled all up in my stomach and I felt like I was going to be sick. The beginning of my day didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it to.
Anyway I arrived at the line of the Kingda Ka and could smell the fear of the anxious guests, also joined by the smell of Papa John’s pizza. If I survived, I would be visiting that stand afterwards. But anyway, we were about five people away to get on the ride which meant that we were next!
My dad screamed “You ready bud?”
And quickly I replied, “NO!”
But I couldn’t look back now since I was already inching on to the ride. I finally sat in my seat and thought deeply to myself, “I’m actually conquering my fear by riding the ride if feared all my life!”
And right when the operator of the ride yelled “liftoff”, that’s when the fun of the day started!
The ride started off at 103 MPH and was shooting up to the top of the ride which is about 300 feet high and added with that is a 360 degree turn. Right then I was about 450 feet in the air just about to plummet down to my death and then I was caught in the moment.
Am I going to die right here? I thought. But I stopped worrying and actually tried to enjoy the ride so while plummeting down my hands flew up like fireworks on Fourth of July. I was screaming my lungs out and not even glancing over to see how my dad was doing. But then we finally got off the ride. All that is jumbling through my mind now is, “I can’t wait to eat that pizza!”
I think this moment shows that over all of my fears of rollercoaster’s, I can really overcome any real fear that comes in my life.

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