Name’s Charlie Cowell, Anvil Salesman

November 28, 2011
I bolted home as fast as the wind and unlocked the door. I ran up the stairs and then turned on my laptop. I then went onto the KV musical website and then clicked the cast list for The Music Man. I skimmed for my name but couldn’t find it.
I looked again and again until the next hour was there. Hour after hour looking for my name, I started crying.
By the end of the night, I cried a river of tears. What did I do wrong? I thought to myself sadly. The night before was call backs, and they even asked me to stay after it ended. Melanie Dubil, Catherine LaSalle Bryan Haglin, Matt Sutton, Andrew Genesio, Adam Thron, and I have been asked to read more than other people at callbacks. I was the only person that was reading the role of Charlie Cowell.

Hour after hour passed by. I was crying, crying so hard I couldn’t even talk to any one of my family members. I remembered back to the night before, dance callbacks, singing callbacks, and acting callbacks, I was there for all three. Ms.Rubenlicht said that if you weren’t called up onto stage much they already knew what you were going to be casted as. I went up maybe once or twice, give or take.

The next day I was dreading going to school. By the end of the day I completely avoided the music wing. While I was walking back from Gym, Ms.Rubenlicht saw me and said with a smile, “Hi Charlie.”

I replied back confused, “What? I saw the cast list last night and it didn’t have my name on it!” She and I walked over to the bulletin board parallel to her room and she looked down the list; my name nowhere to be found.

“Oh my god,” she mouthed to herself. “I’m so sorry! We accidentally forgot you on the cast list! Anyway, you’re Charlie, and that’s basically a lead role, congrats,”

“Thanks,” I said with a smile as big as the sun. I walked upstairs casually to my locker and then my friend, Melanie Dubil, the female lead comes up and gives me a hug and tells me she’s sorry that I didn’t get a role. Then I looked up with a smile on my face and said that I actually got a role. She gave me the biggest hug ever! I got off the bus and called my mom and told her I got Charlie. We went out to dinner that night at Tonellis to celebrate. Now for my new challenge;
The Music Man.
Ever since last year when I auditioned for Alice in Wonderland I’ve made a ton of new friends. I would probably never get a chance to meet them if I didn’t audition. Even though I didn’t get a big part in Alice I stuck through it knowing if I continued to do musicals I would get better roles each year. That prediction has come true. This year getting Charlie it has been truly a challenge but I loved it.

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