In the Limelight of Victory

November 23, 2011
It was my time to shine. With a deep breath, I took the stage and began my speech: “Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for us to make a change. No longer can we ignore the pressing matters that cause us indigestion even to consider them.” Oh, good intro, Self. I think they like that one. Now this next bit is important. Make it passionate.

My right fist beat the sky as I cried to the masses, “No, my friends. No! It is time we address these issues. It is time we make tomorrow a better day because of our actions today!” Yes, this is great. Just look like you care about what you’re saying and it will all go over well. They are buying it, I’m certain they are. Look at their faces. They’re sold.

Do you know that feeling when everything is going right and you know you have won? Oh boy, was I ever feeling it right then. I looked into their eyes and tasted victory. Delicious.

With a final zealous roar, I cried, “Good people, it is time to be remembered for our deeds! Let us make the change we dream of today! Thank you.” As I waved and smiled to my audience after many a standing ovation, I knew I was a shoe-in. Of course they would vote for me. Their wagging tails told me all I needed to know. Thanks for helping me practice, dear pooches. Hopefully I would do just as well the next day when I was scheduled to deliver my speech.

T-minus zero. The big day had arrived. It was make or break time, do or die. I chose to do rather than die and was rewarded with a major bout of I’m-so-nervous-I’m-about-to-faint. My bones rattled about in their casing, thrown to and fro by apprehension. My teeth did not fare much better, being knocked up and down, up and down; my stomach- oh, what a knotted mess of butterflies, moths, and all other manner of flying insects buzzing about. My moment had come; I dove into my speech.

“My fellow students…” You can do this, Self. Eye contact, yes, it’s all about eye contact.

“I tell you it is not okay for us to pass unnoticed! Let us rise up…” Remember eye contact. Halfway there. You’ve got this.
“So let us begin to build our legacy today! Thank you.” Now make eye contact one last time, and hold…hold…good. It is finished.
Huzzah for self-talk.

Although my discourse was rather less overdone than my canines had been privy to, I survived. More than that, however, I won the election. The spotlight upon me was so bright that I was momentarily blinded. Oh, the sweet victory.

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