the trauma of the emergency room

November 17, 2011
By jordiepordie BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
jordiepordie BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
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TRAUMATIZING! That is what I think about when I hear the words “Emergency Room”. Have you been to the emergency room? I have been to the emergency multiple times; it can be scary depending on your there. In my life span, I have been to the emergency room 11 times. I have been there once that was not me being hurt. My brother over the summer had cut his head open. It was very traumatizing. I almost cried because it frightened me so bad. I had told him “be careful Micah” because he was swing the disk swing around, it was wood, and it came and hit him the back of the head.
Although my brother is a boy, he does not like the sight of blood. Some guys just scrape there knee and wipe it off. My brother freaks out. My brother when he was three on thanks giving at church was pretending to be a robot with a fold up chair. He tripped and fell. To say the least he cut his eyelid open. He had to go to the emergency room and get his eyelid glued together; he had to keep his eye closed for a very long time. Talk about a traumatizing experience in the Emergency Room.

If I can remember correctly, the most traumatizing experience I've had in the emergency room would have to be. When I was about maybe 4 or 5 I can’t really remember how old I was but I can remember what had happened. What happened was I was at my uncles house with my dad and the people were playing cards. While my cousins and I was running around the house. Well I was not very smart and I tried to squeeze in between my dads chair and this glass in table. I tripped and fell bashed my head in the glass and had to go to the emergency room. The funniest pert about all of this is that we saw my mom walking out of the gas station on our way to the emergency room and she got me a chocolate milk. They had to put numerous stitches in my chin and I kicked the doctor in the face because it hurt so badly.
Talk about traumatizing experiences in the emergency room. I could go on and on about being in the emergency room but I would be here forever. Therefore, I'm going end it here with these questions. Have you been to the hospital? Why? Was it
laborious ? Last but not least. What does traumatizing mean to me?

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something that has happend in my life

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