Dear Dad,

November 13, 2011
By Kerstenpaige BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
Kerstenpaige BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
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I felt something coming and I knew it wasn’t good. I sat in silence for a long time listening to the fast pace of my heart beat and watching as my hands began to shake with anger. I knew this day would come but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly. Why would you lie to us? What did we do? You were supposed to be someone we trusted and a big part of our lives. But all that came from your mouth were lies and the biggest one was, “I would never leave you guys, I love y’all”. The worst part of it was, you did leave us and you didn’t even care. I remember when you were still in our lives playing basketball, taking us swimming, and playing at the park with us, all the things a real father would do. I knew something was going on with her, I knew she would do this. As soon as you both said the words “I do” I felt something coming. She took you away from us and kicked us out of your life and you didn’t even notice. You were so blinded by her “love”, by her looks, and her “amazing personality” that you didn’t even realize how much it hurt and affected us. Why did you do this? Why did you leave us? But still you have no answer.

Now you’re sitting at home by yourself looking at old photos I assume, thinking about how it would have been if you wouldn’t have let us go, but you did. Now she moved on left you with nothing but the sad look on your face. If I had to write you a letter it would read, “Dear dad, how is life? Do you regret your decision now? I’m sure you do. Sincerely, us”. Now are you blinded? Because our eyes are opened wide and we see things clearly. I just wish you would have opened yours sooner. Now it’s just me and Avery and I’m okay with that. No more tears or staying up all night wondering what we did wrong. No more pain or frustration because we lost someone with just a title, “dad”. Things became easier and less stressful while other issues seemed less important. One thing I know is that this experience has made my brother and I’s relationship stronger and same with my mother’s.

All we did was argue or fight because Avery and I were so stressed out and frustrated because of you. Now we can finally sit on the couch and watch T.V. without hitting, threating, or talking down on each other. Me and my mother can now sit down and have a conversation without getting mad or irritated by one another. Things are now flowing smoothly and my life has gotten a lot easier.

We can wake up every morning smiling without worrying about anything except keeping our grades up and each other happy. I finally got to have a conversation with my brother about things he’s dealing with in middle school today and give him advice. The one thing I hope for is that he doesn’t have to go through all the things I did and make the same mistakes I did. I know with the help from my mother and I he will do just fine because he is a strong and smart kid. He is funny, very social, smart, and a very talented baseball player, too bad you couldn’t have found all that out on your own. I also found out what college I really want to go to and I’ve been working really hard on my grades. I’m still writing and working on my music but again, too bad you couldn’t have found all that out on your own or even witnessed it.

My mother has done so much for us and now I feel as if our life is perfect through the blessings of god and the love from our family and friends. Everything is going to be alright, Avery and I have faith and we believe in ourselves. This weekend is Avery’s last baseball tournament and he is very excited and determined to win. As for me I don’t know what my plans are this weekend but I’m sure it will be filled with excitement and fun with the family and boyfriend. Well I have to go, Avery, my mother, and I are going to a football game, GO BEARS!
The girl who once was “your princess”

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on Nov. 19 2011 at 6:37 pm
This is really well written.  I can feel your passion, and I think it is interesting how you wrote it in letter form. My parents are getting a divorce, so I have felt that anger too.  I think that as far as grammar and spelling, you are good - my one sugestion is on paragraph 3 when you say " TV without hitting, threating...." I think you might have meant threatening instead of threating.  I hope this helps!

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