Heart break.

November 5, 2011
By stayfocused BRONZE, Hayward, California
stayfocused BRONZE, Hayward, California
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What comes from the mouth comes from the heart. If your words ain't right, then your heart isn't either.

Her heart pounded, she had an adrenaline rush. In the middle of the cold, heat builded up inside of her. You can say the word for the way she felt was infuriated. The way the girl’s face lit up when she saw him. One side of her hair tucked in behind her ear, her pretty face spotlighted by the stadium lights. Her scarf blew in the wind and her happiness of seeing him was heart breaking. The first girl squeezed her hands and looked at her friend. With her fists balled she bit her lip and tried her hardest, but no. She turned around. She saw them both, with happiness glowing from their bodies. Her throat constricted and it felt as if somebody had just stabbed her straight through her heart. She saw his face, lit up as well from her presence. Nothing could’ve hurt more than seeing the one you love have someone else happily in their arms. That was the moment she will never forget and she regrets seeing. After that night… nothing was the same.

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