the orchid and the rose.

November 13, 2011
By Nymphadora111 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Nymphadora111 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Our story actually doesn't start in 6th grade. That’s where the good things begin; we met in like 2nd I think. Except I hated her and she hated me. To me she was aubrielle’s friend and that made me pissed! I wanted to be aubrielle’s best friend. I honestly don't even think i knew her name to me she was that mean girl.
So when we were assigned to the same table in 6th grade you can imagine my disappointment. All I could think was why me... Why me... Why me? And it stayed that way for a while we didn't automatically become best friends like in story books. But then it changed. Jon was making us do these concept maps that I really didn't like but that day was a coloring day.
Gosh this is so boring I said.
Yeah I know. Said Zoë.
Hi guys! Can I take some of these markers? Said a class mate
No you can’t! We said. (This happened about 300 times!)
Nina: wow let’s just hide these!
*hides markers under huge concept map.*
zoe: now no one will find them. mwahahahahah
Nina: they are all marker-less! mwahahahahhahahahhahaha
i felt like an evil villain plotting to destroy the world. so that was when i decided that Zoe wasn’t so bad. by the end of the class we were laughing our butts off. Then Zoe thinks up the best idea i had ever hear.
Nina, we should hang out said Zoe.
are you kidding me aubrielle’s friend? i barley know you... i thought
but you know, i said yes cause i knew deep down that hanging out with Zoe would be awesome. and it is. haha younger me was SMART!
Now i hang out with Zoe a lot!.That’s how awesome I am. Your all jealous, i know. i guess you may ask why Zoe is so important to me well cause she’s AMAZING (almost as amazing as me, were tied) shes amazing. she is so smart! Like its crazy. you know? and the prettiest person i know. she could be a model. there you go Zoe. she could be a hair model too. i am pretty jealous of her hair! now on to the deep part of this. i like her because Zoe is the mother i need the sister i want and the friend everyone deserves. she has been there with me through everything...... And she’s pretty like a flower. like an orchid in particular. Because they are super-duper pretty and I like them. Enough said.

The author's comments:
this is about my best friend Zoe, she pretty cool. you can find her on here actually, zoerawwrr check her out! i love Zoe! if you ever get the chance to talk to her be sure to call her crazy cat lady at least once. :0 happy writing!

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