March 27th, 2011

November 11, 2011
By samiam_6969 BRONZE, Midland, Ohio
samiam_6969 BRONZE, Midland, Ohio
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"Brr" I mumbled, tightening the drawstring of my jacket. Though, it was early spring the weather still felt like winter, in fact, little piles of snow still laid on the dead brittle grass, like a blanket of cotton balls. He looked at me, his eyes gleaming at me as if he was intoxicated by something beautiful. His smile was contagious, i couldn't stop the grin growing on my face, even if i wanted to. Which, of course i didn't. He slowly led me to the hood of his father's red Chevy impala, where he sat bending over the front bumper, blocking me from the frigid winds with his arms, locking me tightly. For a split second he looks at me and whispers "I'm scared". Luckily i knew what he was about to say, and i was as well, very scared. IN fact, maybe petrified. But not fearful of that given moment. But scared of the days, months, or even years that will follow from that point on. And that's when he asked
" Will you be my girlfriend?"
Before i could think for the slightest second, my heart lingered for him, his love, his scent. And my mind knew as well. And i replied "no" Shortly giggling afterwards. "Whaaaaaat?" He frowned.
And that's when i replied " of course"
And we were united by kiss. I got a tingly sensation that crawled all the way up my spine, i could inhale his scent off his lips and feel the smile under his lips. And in that given moment i was well again. I was filled with abundant bliss, from that day, and for the rest of my life.

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