Life... Short, but Long

November 11, 2011
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"All is fair, Love and War."

The rose slowly dropped into the grave on to the coffin that held my grandpa’s body. I gazed upon the coffin. A tear running down my cheek. I had kept telling myself that he was in a happy place. No longer suffering with pain. My uncle had handed me a bottle of Holy Water so I can bless my grandpa’s grave. After blessing it, I had handed my mother the bottle of Holy Water so she may bless his grave, too.

“I can’t believe it,” I said slowly trying to make sense of the situation. I was trying to piece the puzzle together to understand what the whole picture was attempting to covey. Pain, sorrow, and confusion were beginning to make their first impression on me, like a little child beginning to mold a lump of clay. I sat down, sobbing. I over thank all the possibilities of the cause of his death. I sat in the operating room next to my grandpa’s lifeless body. I thought to myself that he had died early. I was shocked to hear the tragedy, a little overwhelmed about it also.

“It just doesn’t make sense… What happened?” I mumbled under my breath. I was aware that he had been very ill for quite some time now. Though I wasn’t aware of it being to the point of which it was very life threatening. I snuck another glance at his body. I sat lonely, in silence for a few minutes. I stood and slowly approached him. Sat next to him and grasped his hand. He was as cold as ice. And that’s when it hit me.

I burst into tears and sadness, as the sudden realization hit me that he was no longer here. My family had come into the room and comforted me. One was patting my back, and one placing her hand on my shoulder. The rest stood on the other side of the operating table, sobbing.
“He died so young!” my aunt shrieked while quivering with tears,” It was too fast!”

I put a fresh bouquet next to his headstone. I stood up onto my feet and stared down onto his closed grave. It’s been to long since I last sat down with him. Talked to him. Hugged him with a loving embrace. Took a walk with him in the park. Fed geese with breadcrumbs and laughing hysterically. It’s been too long.

I stood with my family, a light drizzle of rain accompanying a gray sky. The air was crisp, and the trees swayed. Leaves covered the ground as far I could see. Patches of red, brown, and a vibrant yellow were amongst the mounds of fallen leaves. I could still see the rich, colorful leaves dancing in the wind. As I looked upon his grave old memories came flooding back. Moments of happiness. The times that I had felt joy. The times that made me as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. Or as I like to refer to it... The good ole times.

“Life can be short from time to time, but it’s the longest thing anyone could ever have.”

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