Leaving Home to Go Home

November 11, 2011
By couch BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
couch BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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I used to live in what you might call the ghetto. It was a small town home in Five Points, it was not the most inviting place for anyone let alone a young couple with a young kid. The town home was smaller than a comfortable size to say the least; my room was about the size of a closet, literally. Then to add to the uncomfortable size of the house the whole building wasn’t well taken care of and old. It wasn’t falling apart or anything but it was uninviting for the passerby.

On top of that the neighborhood was bad too, gangs and fighting and just bad people. It was dangerous, but of course I wasn’t really afraid, I was to young to understand what my neighborhood was like. If I was my parents however I would have been scared that little Kyle would get hurt. Or introduced to drugs or something. It was obvious we and especially I needed a new better environment. I needed a safer more inviting environment for sure but I also needed a place with kids, and where I could walk to the park to play with friends and not be worried.

“Kyle you want to go see houses with us?” my mom asked.

“Okay.” I said not really understanding.

We went to only one house and I wanted to live there instead of our tiny old town home immediately. I wanted all the things I didn’t have in my house and neighborhood, and also wanted some things to go away. This new house seemed like the answer.

After that all I dreamed about is that house. I dreamt about playing in the back yard with my friend who lived up the block, and going to the park with my dog and playing fetch with it for hours.

Of course this would only partly come true, I wouldn’t get a dog for some years, and this neighborhood didn’t really have that many kids either.

One day my parents asked if I wanted to go back. Of course I said yes. We drove to the house, I was practically jumping out of my seat I was so excited.

“Are we going to buy this house Mom?” I asked.

“Maybe.” Mom said.

I was so happy she didn’t say no. for the next few weeks I kept waiting for my mom to say we were going back or even better we were moving in. It finally came

“We are going to move in a week or two.” My mom said.

I was so happy that my dreams could come true I could have burst. Even though we weren’t moving right away I still packed as soon as I could.

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