Cedar Point Caused Me Surgery

October 25, 2011
By Ali82 BRONZE, North Baltimore, Ohio
Ali82 BRONZE, North Baltimore, Ohio
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I remember it like it was yesterday... My mother's work was having their usual company picnic, at Cedar Point on August 7,1999. My dad decided not to go but my mom took Zak, Jaz, and me. I was about five, Zak was one, and Jaz was about to be on eight months old. I don't remember the car ride but once all of us got to Cedar Point, we had know idea what was in store for us.

Once we got through the line and there was a sweet smell with a bad stinch to it. You could smell the fat juicy burgers, fries, salty pretzel rings, and cinnamin. That stinch was from the lake water. It was gross and it stunks. (It only stinks because Cedar Point doesn’t clean their water they just use the water from the lake).

I can’t really tell you what we did all day because I don’t remember, except when the tragedy all started. Somewhere along being at Cedar Point one of my mom’s friends joined us. She had a daughter named Ally who was about 13-years-old at the time. We were walking around and ended up walking around the arcade area. You could hear all of the games going, kids yelling, and parents running around like crazy. Once we got closer I saw this ride.

This ride was called the Witch’s Wheel, and had swings and that lift you up in the air and swing you all around in circles.

“Do you want to ride that ride?” Ally asked

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to or not; I was scared but the ride looked exciting. My mom asked me if I wanted to go. She was smiling and having the time of her life but, you could tell that she was hesitant about it. I decided to go on it; Ally and I got in line and waited. The guy that was controlling the ride was also taking heights and making sure each person was tall enough to ride. Once I got up there I was just an inch too short but the guy let me on.

Once we got on, Ally and I sat on the same seat. The ride started; it was going slow at first but got faster and faster. Soon you couldn’t see anything except for blurs. The ride finally stopped and my head was spinning. Somehow the seat belt or the bar for the bar, lifted up or came undone. I felt myself slipping out of the seat and I ended up on the ground face first. I got up and started balling. The guy that was attending the ride and came up to me and grabbed me and brought me to my mom.

My mom’s friend carried me and they both jogged to the nearest doctor. Once we got to the doctor, he told my mom that I would need surgery and that I bit right through my toungue.
I got to the ride the mini ambluence to the doctor office. The rest is pretty much a blur until I got to the doctors office. Once I got to the doctor’s they took me into a room and they checked my toungue then they put me onto a bed and rushed me to a room. The last thing I remembered is when I was laying there and a whole bunch of doctors were around me. They put the gas mask on and I fell asleep. I woke up a few times and I remember my mom in the car and I was in the passenger seat.
“Do you want a milkshake?” My mom asked.
“No, can we go to grandma’s?” I said sadly
“ We can tomorrow.” Mom said
That is the last thing I remembered until I woke up the next morning.

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