Her Entering My Life

October 25, 2011
By Kelsey.. BRONZE, North Baltimore, Ohio
Kelsey.. BRONZE, North Baltimore, Ohio
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Five o’clock in the morning, driving 85 miles per hour down State Highway I-75, everyone was three fourth eye closed. Is this going to change things around the house or is it going to stay the same? Are they going to pay attention to me the same or let me get away with stuff? Pulling into Blanchard Valley Hospital, all these questions kept making my mind scramble and wonder. Grabbing the emergency bag, Angie’s parents were waiting on the birth of their last grandchild. Anxiously awaiting, hours upon hours in the waiting room. Finally they induced her, a couple hours later, 1:11 p.m. Gabriella Diane Hendren entered this world. Days, weeks, later we are all at home. Sitting in our living room, attempting to watch a movie. Gabby doesn’t stop crying. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs. “Seriously shut that little girl up!” I kept saying over and over. Kyle, my dad, is always cranky cause all she does is cry. Angie is constantly crying and complaining about everything. She thinks this baby is the center of attention. She doesn’t pay attention to anyone but this baby. I feel like I’m going nuts! All she does is cry. She is constantly being held and spoiled. It’s ANNOYING! Everywhere you look in my living room is baby swing, baby bed, baby bottles, baby binky, baby EVERYTHING! I hate looking around and seeing little pink fluffy toys. Seeing chewable baby objects, it’s like we have nothing in our house anymore that isn’t child safe. Our house now smells like baby everywhere. She’s taking over everywhere in the house. Some smells are good like her baby shampoo, but some are horrid, rotten, and giving off a gagging feeling. Every day it’s the same thing. She’s crying, needs fed, needs help, everything. Same thing, every day, nothing new, nothing changed.

Last night the end felt near; Angie pushed my last button and I about laid that female dog out. My brother and I were spending some quality time playing some Call Of Duty on Xbox Live, when Angie beeped on our intercom. I put my remote down and walked down the stairs. Instantly she says to me, “Have you seriously not brought down the cleaning supplies?”
“No, I was finishing my game with Quinn and then I was going to bring it down.”
“No you can bring it down now.”
“I have like two minutes left in my game.”
“I don’t care Kelsey! Bring it down now!”
I walked up the stairs all sorts of aggression flowing through my blood. I grabbed the cleaning stuff out of my sink, walked down the stairs looking like I was on a mission. Walking into the kitchen, I leaned down into the cabinet and put the cleaning supplies away. I closed the cabinet door normally and walked away. I was walking into the living room to go upstairs, when she just had to open her mouth.

“Seriously, you have an attitude!”

“Um no, I don’t.”

“Yes you do Kelsey.”

“You always say I have an attitude. If I had an attitude I would tell you I did, and you would for sure know it.”

“You know what, shut your Xbox off and go to bed.”

“Um no, I’m not 12 anymore, you can’t tell me when to go to bed.”
I walked up to my room, slammed my door so she knew I was severely ticked off. I turned my Xbox off, threw my remote into the cabinet, and threw my TV remote. Walking down the stairs, I looked straight into her face and smiled. I kept walking through my house. I walked past her a couple times then walked outside. My dad was in the garage but in his shop. I opened the door and walked in. Sitting down, my dad looked over at me. Then he asked “Why are you in here?”

“Cause I don’t want to be in the house.”


“Cause your wife is making me mad. She keeps yelling at me for everything I do! She said I was slamming the cabinet doors, and I wasn’t.”

“Well she was probably trying to get the baby to sleep.”

“Dad! I didn’t even slam the cabinet doors, if I did then you would know!”

“Well I don’t know what to tell you Kelsey.”

“It’s bull crap! I’m tired of how she is treating me since this baby has been born. I’m not a slave, I’m a teenager!”

“Kelsey, you got to understand that she is tired from being up with the baby half the night. She only slept for 3 hours here and there. She didn’t get full hours of sleep.”

“Well you know what, she’s a mom. Better get use to it. She knew this is how babies are, and she still wanted one. So I don’t want to hear the excuses.”
My dad never replied to that statement cause either he knew I would continue to argue cause he knows I know I am right, or he didn’t say anything cause he agreed. Either way, the end of my patience toward Angie and Gabriella ended that night. I learned that within my aggravated life, I am not going to have kids until I am seriously ready.

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