October 31, 2011
By Leoj.O BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
Leoj.O BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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Today was the day, I could no longer prolong it. It was time to step up to the reality of my situation. Today was the day, I had to pack. It started out as just a regular August morning, wake up, brush my teeth, eat, etc. The only difference was that mom left earlier that morning to say goodbye to the people she used to work with. For that whole month, I was blocking out the information, trying to imagine those boxes were’nt there, that it would all be a dream. Sadly, deep inside, I knew that I would’nt wake up out of this nightmare. After breakfast, Dad, who had a stroke last year, motioned me to the unmade boxes. Then, he took one and placed it on my bed. Dad is stubborn so I know that I can’t make an excuse like I did with mom. It took just 2 hours for old memories to just disappear inside cardboard boxes. I did’nt realize till after how much it hurt.

A couple days of packing later, and I was finished. The room feels weird, sort of like the house knows we will be gone soon and is sad. I can tell this week will be hard. First, I say goodbye to a new friend, I never remembered his name, but he reminded me much of myself. I wish I could have known him better, but sadly it was awkward between us, when he first came to the congregation. It takes a while for me to make friends. After that, I say goodbye to Aner, I knew him since I was 8, but we only became friends about a year ago. I know I’m going to miss him. Then there’s Anthony, my best friend. I met him when I was 7. It took us a while for us to become best friends, but it was worth it. We say good-bye multiple times, but it does’nt sink in till later. Finally, I say good - bye to my family and cry a couple times. Now that there done with putting stuff in the truck, I say goodbye to my dog Cody, he’ll be with my sister. I look around my room. It’s weird seeing it empty like this. As I look around memories flash bye, old friends, stupid pranks,and that uncontrollable excitement of opening a new game. I’ll miss it.

Shoot me, Shoot me, Shoot me, those were the words that were going through my head for the last 2 hours. This car has no space, its like trying to fit a elephant into a doggie door. We ‘re with a friend of the family, who is helping us move. Her name is Delia something .... I don’t know. Benji had to come with us in the car. He gets car sick, so I’m not waiting with anticipation to clean up dog vomit.Then, Julio AKA Junior automatically claimed the middle seat, for his comics. The only peace of mind I have is that soon we will be at a hotel, all I have to wait is 8 hours. Other than that, I’m just going to try and block them out with the mp3 function, on my 3ds. Also, I’ll probably play with Benji. It’s nice being out on the road.

I’m really sleepy. Today, for some reason I keep falling asleep at random times. For the second day of the trip, you think I would be used to the being in a car all day. Well if you thought that, you were wrong. The hotel we slept in last night was beautiful, and comfy. Before that I hadn’t slept in a hotel for ages. On another note, I had to clean up dog vomit twice already. I feel bad for Benji. Looking around the car, I can’t belive I survived 8 hours of this. Well, at least today mom gets to rest from driving. I keep worrying about her. I don’t want her to end up like Papi. I think Mami and Delia are talking about the scenery. Huh i have‘nt really thought about the scenery. I wonder where we are. “ Hey Ma,” I say. “What,”she responds. “Where are we?”
“ North Carolina.” So thats where we are. I think they sell license plates, with your name on them ,here. Well, might as well join Benji and Junior in sleep land. At least no one could ever say I haven’t ever been cross country.

I officially hate today. First, I could’nt sleep, then my idiot brother starts snoring like a pig. Then, when I finally start to get sleepy, we get near Kissimmee. Well maybe it isn’t my fault, I mean it is only...... 7:30 p.m! Ah common, I thought it was at least 9:00. Huh, this whole trip has been frustrating. I thought it would be fun, a nice road trip with my family, but no. I had to deal with a car sick dog, an idiot brother, and my butt hurts. Maybe it’s just me, looking back was there any good way to do this. Leaving my home, my friends, family, even Cody the dog that was with us since I was 3. This would be hard for anyone, basically chopping off our connections and then leaving them to try and make new ones. I just realized, how am I going to make friends? Will I be alone, in this crazy new place where it never snows. Maybe I’m being too depressive, I mean other people have gone through this before. I guess everyone has to go through this someday. The best way someone could do this, is in their own way.

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