Mystery Boy

October 29, 2011
By CupKait15 BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
CupKait15 BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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October 27, 2011 I was sitting on my porch when I seen the kitchens light turn on. I thought that someone in my family was in the kitchen. There are nine people in a three bedroom home and one sleeps on the couch. My sister’s boyfriend is the one that sleeps on the couch his name is G. I sit out on the porch so I don’t wake him up. This morning I thought I may have woken him up when I went out the front door. I walked over to the window of the kitchen to see who was wake. There was no one in the kitchen when I looked in at first.

I kept looking for someone to show up in the kitchen. It wasn’t even half a minute before I found out that there was someone in my kitchen but not someone who lives in my house. In was a little African boy around the age of seven to eight years old. He was looking right at me with dark black eyes. He looked depressed and he made me feel like I was depressed. He had a blue shirtsleeve shirt and jeans on. The blinds in the kitchen where moved behind him. I could see through him and see the kitchen light. I was speechless but at the same time I knew I wasn’t going crazy saying there was a ghost in our house. I had seen him with my own eyes. I have felt him touch my arm and feel him watching me when I am sleeping. He turned on and off my TV and computer. He has a dog that has also made him known to me. I have felt the dog sit right next to me and he has rubbed his body against me.

When I was looking at him it made full since to me that he wasn’t alive. I knew he was a ghost showing himself to me. After a minute he walked back and was gone. The kitchen light turned off and I walked inside to house to make sure like a little kid didn’t break into our house. No one no one at all was inside the house. When I got to school I told my best friend D’Anna about it. Of course she called me crazy and said I was seeing things. No one in my family or my friends believe what I seen but you know what that doesn’t matter I know what I seen and I know I’m not crazy. The little boy must know too that no one in my family believes in him so none of he doesn’t show he is there to any of them. He and I have built a relationship and I enjoy that he showed himself to me to prove I wasn’t going crazy.

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