Five Years Old

October 29, 2011
By CupKait15 BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
CupKait15 BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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If I could relive any time of my life it would be me being 5 years old. I had the best friend ever. Her name was Lisa. We hanged out like any normal friends and we planned our whole life going to college together becoming cops together and being in each other’s life forever. Unfortunately forever ended too soon.

We were laughing and joking during the middle of the school year in kindergarten one day. After school we walked top her house and watched Dragon Tales and ate snack packs. Near the end of the show her father comes home. I knew it was time for me to leave when he started screaming and throwing things around in the house at her. I left and ran all the way home thinking I will see her the next day at school. Little did I know that was the last time I would see Lisa.

Sitting at home with my mom watching TV that night. She changed it to the news and they were talking about thing that happened that day in our home town. Next thing I see my best friend’s father was on the news for being arrested. Then my best friend Lisa’s picture and marks all over her body. He had murdered her. I felt so bad for this because I thought maybe just maybe if I had stayed at her house a little longer she would still be here today. I would change that about my past before I would think to change anything. A perfect girl’s life taken by a guy that shouldn’t have taken anyone’s life. I regret leaving her house that afternoon and not staying there with her. That is what I would relive and change about my past.

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