The Day I Became a Sibling

October 27, 2011
By Anonymous

It started on a Saturday in the early afternoon. The year was 2000, the month was January, and the date was the 15th. My mom had just dropped me off at one of my best friend’s house. It was my friend’s 5th birthday and party, and I was very excited to celebrate with her. I extra excited because I got to do something I never got to do before. That would be going to Cheuk E. Cheese! Now, as you can imagine, being a little 4 year old, Cheuky’s was the hot place to be. It’s what everyone talked about and everyone had their parties at. Unfortunately, I had to wait a few hours before we could go, because I was a couple of hours early to her house. Why was I so early to her house? My mom dropped me off really early because she was on her way to the hospital with my dad. She was about to give birth to my new little sister. Being so little, I was definitely excited, but I didn’t fully understand everything.

I remember after many hours waiting, we got to leave to the party. I was anxious to get out of the car and enjoy the arcade style games and slimy ball pit. I could see the green, blue, and pink balls amidst the blue, yellow, and purple ones. I yelled out to my friends in my sassy kid voice, “Na na nah Na na, bet you can’t find me!”, and belly-flopped into the ball pit. I swam to the bottom and waited until I saw the balls move when my friends jumped in. From there, it was just a race to get me. After we got all tired and sweaty from all the fun, we sat down to eat cake and ice cream. Simultaneously, she opened presents and there were a lot of “Oohs” and “Ahhs” and “I want that’s”. I don’t remember what I got her, but I know it was a toy she would love. After the party was over, I went back to her house.

I had already had greasy pizza at the party and was stuffed full so I didn’t eat anything when I got back to her house. I wanted to sleepover, but my parents had requested that they drive me to a neighbor’s house so I would be closer to home. My neighbor and lifetime friend whom I still am close with today was the house they drove me to. They live right across the street so it was really close to home. There they kept me entertained for a few hours and put me to sleep. I remember sometime in the middle of the night my dad came and got me to go home. He said that my mom was still in the hospital and that I am now a big sister! I was too sleepy to do anything about that so I hopped right into bed. In the morning though, I was wide awake and couldn’t wait to go to the hospital and meet my sister!
We got to the hospital and got to my mom’s room as quickly as we could. When I opened the door, I was bursting with excitement. I saw my mom and rushed over to her bed. The baby was in her arms and was the smallest person I have ever seen. I was shocked, but none the less, excited! I got to hold her for the first time while my parents told me that she was born around 6:30pm and weighed a little more than 7 pounds. They decided to name her Elizabeth. Lizzy for short. It was a lot to take in, but I was happy. Now I would have someone to play with and boss around.
I didn’t fully realize it back then, but now with a sister I would get a lifelong best friend. While we do occasionally fight, I’m happy to have such a good friend, that I really can tell everything to.

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