Walking Among a Thousand People

October 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I was walking for a long time, just wandering around the enormous city of New York. We got to Times Square for the first time in my life. Giant buildings everywhere, hundreds of different stores like: Abercrombie, Hollister, Swatch, Aeropostale, M&M Store, Hershey’s Store, Disney Store, different restaurants… The sky was blue and happy people are walking all around me. My brother’s warm hand was holding mine in an act of pure love. We saw Taxi Cabs everywhere and it smelled a little like smoke. The temperature was very hot and my skin felt like if it was burning. Everyone was laughing and smiling and I could still taste the salty French fries I had at Mc Donald’s. I held lots of shopping bags and they felt heavy. There were a lot of people selling pretzels, pizzas, and hot dogs; it smelled like salt and grease. I saw a lot of bright screens with advertisements and other different things. We kept walking among a thousand people. Then the sun had set down.

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