the lake house

October 23, 2011
By kkealy333 BRONZE, Parkville, Missouri
kkealy333 BRONZE, Parkville, Missouri
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The sun shinning on the lake was breath taking. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was just right. I was sitting on my dock decided that it was the prefect day to go tubing. My family and Elodi drove 11 hours in the car and, let me tell you, it was hectic. In our car it was just Elodi my dad and I. We tried not to make many stops so when we did, everybody had to go. When we finally got there it was all worth it. The smell of nail polish and McDonald's filled the car, but we still made it to Wisconsin. The colors of the trees were a beautiful green and, the sun beating down on us warmed us from the inside and out. My mom and brother where already there and so were my grandparents.
Beds in the girls dorm were very important, and I always wanted the bed by the window. I rarely got the window bed. This time it was all mine. Elodi took the bed next to mine, and we started to unpack our bags and relax before dinner.
I could smell the lamb from the kitchen. It smelled wonderful and reminded me of home. It was a peaceful dinner and was lit by candles that night. We all told our story of how long and tiring the trip up to Wisconsin was and how happy we were to finally be together.
We go up to Wisconsin once a year to our lake house. My dad’s side of the family always goes up there at the same time, but my grandparents go up there about two months before all of us get there. The family has be going up there since my dad was a little kid, and I will continue the tradition and bring my kids up there when I have them.
The next day, I awoke to the sun shining through the window and the cool house freezing the tips of my toes off. In Wisconsin, it can become freezing cold then warm up, and it did that night. Once again, I could smell pancakes and bacon in the kitchen. I grabbed my blanket and walked towards the smell. As my feet hit the ground, it sent an instant shock through my body. It was like stepping on ice. They were very cold and hard floors.
“Well, good morning sleepy head. How was your sleep? You might as well sleep the day away,” said grandpa. “Good, thanks,” I said.
I ate breakfast in a hurry that morning. It was my favorite breakfast, but I was still so excited to go tubing. I woke up Elodi and told her to get ready because we would be going tubing soon. She ate her breakfast in a rush too, and we got our swimsuits on and grabbed our towel. We ran down to the dock and got our life jackets on while we waited for my dad to get the boat ready with the tube connected. I heard the motor start, and then the boat appeared. My dad hollered for people to get on the boat and at Elodi and I to get on the tube. I jumped on, not thinking twice, and the tube swished out from the dock and Elodi jumped on just in time, almost falling in. The water was like glass, and I could see my reflection as if I was looking in to a mirror. My dad was towing us out from in between the two rafts. I called “Hit it!” and we were off. We sailed through the wake for a little bit with the water splashing in our faces. It was a cool, refreshing water, and it felt good when the wind blew though Elodi’s and my hair. My dad took a sharp turn, whipping us out of the wake and into the flat, crisp water.
Next thing I knew, we hit these huge waves with white caps. It sent our tube along with Elodi and I in the air. It felt like we were flying, but, still tried to hold on. My dad took another sharp turn that sent me off the the tube. I was still holding on with one hand and trying to pull my self up on the tube. I let go, not being able to pull my self up, and I plummeted under the water, holding my breath and flipping. I got disoriented and felt very dizzy. Then the boat stopped, and I got back on the tube. My head still hurt, but I made it through the rest of the tube ride.

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