The Hulk

October 23, 2011
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It was late on Friday night. The freezing wind gripped me like frozen fingers, but I wasn’t going to back down. I would do it. I would ride the Hulk.

The Hulk stood above me, mocking me with it’s insane height, speed, and loops. I wanted so badly to go on it, but I was scared at the same time. Finally, with much turmoil, I decided to ride the Hulk.

I started toward the coaster with shaky legs. I had never before ridden a coaster that was as intense as the Hulk. I eventually made it to the gate, pausing to catch my breath and gather my thoughts before I ventured into the belly of the beast. I started my ascent, perspiration starting to break through my anxiety.

It seemed like the climb took forever. By the time I got to the top of the immense structure, six rides had already flown by!

As I was nervously waiting in line, I began to reconsider my decision. I had just decided to walk back down when I heard a snide voice behind me say “ I bet the little guy in front of us will chicken out.” That shut up my conscience good and proper. I was not about to let myself be shown up by some sixteen year old that I didn’t even know!

I stood up straight and prepared my mind for the beast that was the Hulk. I was just a measly two rides away from getting my chance at the coaster.

Apparently, two rides can take a long time when your nervous. What felt like an eternity to me was just five minutes to everyone else. When I was about to get on the Hulk, I analyzed the coaster.

The Hulk was on an inverted ramp that shot straight up at an excess of fifty miles per hour. The Hulk was a monster, getting ready to devour me as I got on board.

I boarded the coaster with a heavy heart, ready to take whatever it could throw at me. As I was about to find out, the Hulk throws quite a lot.

I was seated next to an older man and his wife. They were in a heated debate over whether they would die or not. Rolling my eyes, I buckled myself into the seat. Ride attendants started to come around to check seat belts and buckles, which told me that the ride was about to start. I braced myself.

We were off like a gunshot, my hair whipping around my head, my adrenaline pumping. We hit the first turn at lightning speed. I was laughing my head off, simply letting the coaster take control of my body. I was flying, spreading my wings in the inky black sky. I started twirling and spinning, and as I hurtled faster and faster, I realized I couldn’t stop. I needed to stop. I needed to stop now! I was going to crash! I screamed as I spiraled toward my doom. Suddenly, my eyes opened.

We had stopped! I was alive! I couldn’t wait to tell my brother about my amazing ride! Wait a minute...something was wrong here. We were stopped, but I could see the sky. I couldn’t see the sky from the starting platform. I was still on the coaster! There was a creak, and down we went.

I screamed as we hurtled toward the ground. We took a sharp turn and then.... It stopped. We were done. It was over. I had conquered the Hulk.

I got off the coaster and sprinted to my family. “ That was the best ride ever!” I screamed!

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