Dire Desire Of Dreams

October 21, 2011
By heavenleimonkey BRONZE, New Castle, Pennsylvania
heavenleimonkey BRONZE, New Castle, Pennsylvania
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Why not try, if you don't you'll never know-the only failure is NOT TRYING!!!

Each separate soul hums with a desperate desire;
Some are gallant; some were humble, but all are historic.
They all want their own so fiercely that they do the seemingly impossible to acquire;
Creating ambition day and night their little hearts pound to the beat of the clock, the sound nearly meteoric.
Letting up, is a thought that comes through every single one of their heads, if they do the outcome would be dire;
Every desire, is important to the fate of the universe not trying could be a flaw in time never to be fixed at all-always a missing lifetime lyric.

In the short poem above, every desire I spoke of, was ones dreams. My point being-each and every single one of us has dreams. Some of us have more than one. A person wouldn’t be a person without wanting something. Some of us just work towards it-while others do not. I want to explain to each and every person that will read this that no matter the rocky road we will face on the way to our desires, and dreams that the journey on the path is well worth it, when we reach what we dream of. I want everyone to know that their dreams ARE well worth it!
I myself have had a little bit of a rocky road achieving some of my dreams. When I was little I suppose that I used to dream of being a princess, mermaid, or even a famous singer. Obviously I have chosen a different path. I have the most wonderful family ever-with my lovely mother, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. Growing up for the first six years I had no “Dad”, I suppose maybe that’s why I wanted to be a princess. My mom got married when I was six-I loved her husband even if sometimes he didn’t treat me like my sister. I can say that the next eight years of my life were tough, not because of him, but his parents. I will spare you the details-because as a Christian I have forgiven them.
Somewhere in all of that, in all of the tough times I found a love for books. Eventually writing snuck into my life too. I believe when I was eleven I decided I wanted to be a writer. Academics became my pride and joy and I was a class “A” student. By the end of the eighth grade I was seemingly Ivy League bound-honestly if I would have kept my grades up, especially in my honors classes-I would have done my best to getting into Yale or Harvard. Well, then came the divorce. My ex stepdad decided he was done with my mom. So we moved. Honestly this was a severely hard experience on me, my mom, and my siblings.
When we moved to New Castle, I had a really bad school year. I got suspended, and I failed a class. This was my ninth grade year-the beginning of the years colleges actually count. I was stupid for not thinking of the future, and devastated by my own actions. My reading skills fell, and I quit writing for a while. I did my best to read over the summer, and was writing reviews for the public library summer reading program. The wonderful lady running the program encouraged me to help with the library newspaper. This is when I started writing bits and pieces, again. I guess I had lost myself a ton since I had moved there. I wasn’t reading as much or writing, not going to church and I had become really shy.
In June 2010 I started to find myself again. I went to church camp, and forgave everyone who had ever hurt me-which was tough, no lie. I was reading and writing again. My shell started to fall when I started to all of that, in September I started to write a story. I joined clubs, and in October I danced “Thriller” in front of a bunch of people with my new friends from the library. In November I started to go to youth group. Here is where the biggest change happened. In December a wonderful old friend showed up at my youth group. She invited me to a party for New Year’s Eve. When I went there, I met her cousin. No, this isn't a love story-read on!
He went to a school called Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School. He told me all about it, and I fell in love with the school, at the instant. I went home, and told my mom about it, we researched it together and then planned to go to an enrollment seminar. From the middle of January to mid-March I wrote over eight poems, two short stories, and a novel excerpt. I worked harder than I ever had in my whole entire life. I was mortified that, everything wouldn’t be enough. The wait was terrifying. I waited from March twenty fourth to May fifth anxiously. When I saw that big yellow envelope in that mailbox, I screamed. I knew what it was before I even looked to see where it had come from.
I was hilarious in my joy. “I got the big envelope!” is what I screamed to my mom, when I burst into her room. Everyone else was so confused. Soon they understood, my hard work paid off. Honestly I have many people to thank for this because they believed in me. At times I wanted to give up, when I didn’t have a printer, or a ride to the seminar. I always had someone standing behind to catch me when I fell.
I have achieved a piece of my dream, but I still have a long rocky road ahead of me. I have only a small piece of my dream but now I have the motivation to continue on for as long as it takes for me to achieve the rest of my writing dream and for me to open another door to another one of the many dreams to follow. I still have two years left of high school, and they shall be glorious in writing paradise! Work hard, because it will all be worth it in the end. I do strongly believe that one always has a dream that they want to achieve, and even when they do achieve their goal-they begin to dream of something new. My newest dream, is to merge ministry, writing, and archaeology. I want to move somewhere like Australia, buy lots of land, write books, maybe even stuff for a newspaper, start a youth ministries camp, and do archeological digs. Maybe one day too, I’ll start my own restaurant, and publishing company. Yeah I know it all sounds a bit rocky. I have a long road ahead of me, but hey dreams are important to the fate of the world! Just imagine if God didn’t want company-we wouldn’t exist! Just imagine if nobody had explored-America wouldn’t be America! If scientists hadn’t dreamed of getting past deathly diseases? I believe that everyone needs to at least try to achieve their dreams-because they could just change the world!

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a fundraiser. It talks about one's dreams and how they should go after them. It also describes my rocky path to my dreams, and discovery that I AM worth it. It possibly describes the helpfulness of faith when trying to catch dreams. A short poem is also included, but it is more of memoir than poetry.

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