Violin is my Life...

October 18, 2011
Violin is my life. That is a fact simply stated. Looking back on my life so far, it is the only thing that seems significant to me. Everything I do ends up revolving around my music. I have been around music all my life, whether it was listening to it or playing it. When I first got my instrument I was amazed at the little object and how much noise it could produce. My wishes began to shift from being a princess who wore pink and had horses, dolphins, and who had a crazy, amazing life to being a world renowned violinist who traveled the world playing for kings, queens, princes, and princesses, and having concerts where famous people would come listen to my playing. Knowing me, I never had realistically possible dreams. I always dreamed big and always had crazy ideas that would never make sense. My crazy ideas would be from, being a pirate to skydiving, to cliff diving, to being a world renowned musician and possibly traveling around the world in eighty days.

As I grew older, I began to dream of going to Juilliard School of Music or Berklee College of Music. I always imagine myself going to one of the most professional music schools in the country or even the world. Those were the colleges that I would always try to achieve to get into because if I made it into those colleges, which would mean that I am one of the best that there could possibly be. Music was everything to me. It was my life. I would listen to music being played by professional people on the radio. I would listen to what my music teacher would tell me and try to work it out to the point where I thought it was wonderful enough that I could show off to all my friends. I could imagine myself standing on a stage in front of everyone for my first concert. Something in my life that I could not possibly think of myself not actively participating in. Playing violin was my dream. Playing violin has always been easy for me and never difficult. It was as if I was naturally born with that talent because of the ease I play with. My friends were always excited to hear and see me play my violin. I would glide the wooden bow across the cold strings on my violin. The ease that they see me have is a completely different than what your feeling is as you are playing the violin.

In the beginning of my music career, I started to play piano, then slowly learned violin. I never quite appreciated my instruments enough to love both piano and violin. I continued to learn piano for the sake of learning it, but violin, I learned to love it, appreciate it, and enjoy it enough that I would want to play for everyone and try to make this my career. I would always dream of becoming a big musician and having concerts where people from all over the world would come to hear me play.

If you are really into the music, you are moving as if there is nobody watching you play. It was as if you are in an empty theatre playing as if there was no tomorrow. Listening is the key to knowing whether or not you are good at what you are doing. Hearing the flow of the music and moving your body to it and playing with the ultimate passion truly shows you care about the music. “The way you know you were made for the violin, is if you play as if there was no tomorrow,” that was what my previous violin teacher said, “You have to learn to love and care about the violin as if it was you own child.” My violin teacher taught me a lot about violin and the fact that I love playing it. I would always put what my violin teacher told me into my mind every time I would think of college because if I truly wanted to get into those colleges, I needed to try harder, to do my best that I could possibly do and expand my music skills. One of my wishes is that I could play loud enough that for the whole entire world to hear me play my heart out. I could imagine myself physically standing on top of the world as if I was larger than the world and playing where everyone would stand in awe because of the music I would be playing.

I joined my Youth Orchestra for the fact that I could not join Austin Youth Orchestra because they practice on Mondays at 6 pm which would not fit into my schedule. So since the Youth Orchestra accepted me to be part of their brand new orchestra, I got the chance to play in an orchestra for the fact that the school that I go to does not have an orchestra. Especially since it is a math and science school, but I always had known that math and science students were really good in the fine arts, but never quite understood why the school never had an orchestra or band that would perform in front of people except for the rare chances that you get when a teacher or administrator asks you to perform for the school. Those chances I took because I needed every single chance to perform in front of people to show who I really am and what I can do with my violin. My Youth Orchestra gave me that chance to perform in front of people, which included people I don’t know and people I barely know. Every time I play I still get nervous even when we are trying out for chair placements in our sections for orchestra.

The orchestra that I am in has made my chances of going to a music school better. With all the encouragement from my friends, they make me want to actually try and do my best in order to become the best that I can be so that I can show the world, who the heck I am. Now my dream currently is that I am able to go to a boarding school in Michigan called the Interlochen Arts Academy. It is a high school that is simply for the arts. It will help me accomplish my dreams and help me achieve where I want to be and where I want to go in life. My life is what I want to make it be. If anyone is going to change my life or dream the only person that is going to do that is myself because I am who I am because of what my dreams and what I want to accomplish in life is. My dreams may be much different from my parents dream for me, but playing the violin, is something that no one can ever take away from me. It is my life. That is a fact simply stated.

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