Italy Trip

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Upon, my latest excursion to Italy, I visited a monumental amount of attractions, ranging from the golden streets of Venice, to the internal structure of the enigmatic Colosseum. I also had exquisite foods, beverages, and delectable desserts. On the trip, besides that, I had plentiful information on myth, history, culture, and the present. Italy was truly a historic country waiting to share its treasures and secrets with you.

“Come si bella.” you would hear lovers saying, in the dawn and dusk city of Venice. With culture and creativity, another glance allows you to feast you eyes on another amazing view; of the inimitable gondolas or the pigeon-dotted St. Marco’s Plaza. While walking through St. Marco’s plaza, you hear pleasurable music swaying your moods and a good number of classic cafes standing in line, almost as waiting to quench your thirst. While I was at Venice, I was lucky enough to come aboard the gondolas at a specific location at St. Marco’s Plaza and once we set off, I felt the gentle drifts carrying me under bridges, and the guitar strums of the maestros bouncing off the walls. While on the horizontal traveling elevator, you feel the sun clawing at your neck, and the multiple buildings you see are swaying almost like friends waving to you. And returning to the side of the canal, you enjoy the fizzing of the sparkling water in your mouth, and the “a dente” noodles, meaning not fully cooked, getting sucked up into your mouth, almost like a vacuum, leaving traces of black sauce on your lips, making you look like you’re wearing lip gloss. Subsequently, after leaving from the canals, is our next adventure.

Where the sun meets the horizon on the aquamarine sea, is the destination of Capri. At the tourism rich site called Capri, do not get to comfortable in your seat because you are bound to stand right back up, either for sheer beauty, or for the luck of changing transportation again. From the sourness of the lemon candies, to water bluer than sapphire, get your camera ready and Euros ready because the beauty and fun in Capri never ends in this fast-paced city. Anyway, first I will guide you through all the transportation we had in one day. Initially, we start on the comfortable tour bus and we then take a smaller bus to Capri. Once we reach Capri, we switch into a big boat, and once we got into the second harbor, we take a smaller boat to the island. At Capri, while still on the boat, you can feel the water come up to your fingertips and down again, inviting you to come down. Not wanting to drown, mentally I decided to stay on the boat, and from the boat, we made a transition to a rowboat in order to enter the “Blue Cove”. In the rowboat, you had to lean back and when the water level was down, we would enter and gasp. The water illuminated with the most vibrant shade of blue, and the ceiling dark, almost stretching into nothingness, creates nice balance and blend. You can feel the moisture on your lips, and the droplets of water creates “ping” which echoes throughout the cave. Leaving the “Blue Cove”, you eat another appetizing meal and then you head out to the candy store.

Bittersweet, meant to eat, is the all-famous lemon candies in Capri. Once you head into the store, the cheery shop owners offer you some lemon wine, and of course, it is only for the adults. They also bring out a tray featuring their candies, and I took a white chocolate with lemon. It was good to say in the least, but a little too sweet for my liking. I felt the tanginess, and then the chocolate went down my throat. Then a little farther in the day, we visited more stores, and because candy was the highlight of the day, I almost thought about eating a bar of soap, but in my defense, it looked very tasty. Anyhow, we left Capri and a few days later, we reached the most highly anticipated destination, Rome.

Rome, being founded by Romulus, after the fight with Remus, it is still one of the greatest standing empires and one of the earliest civilizations archaeologists are intrigued about. After the monotonous six-hour ride to Rome, we first took five, or to be more exact, we took one thousand one hundred forty at Holiday Inn, which in fact, was by far the most impressive hotel. At Holiday Inn, once we got the key, I immediately took it and jolted to our room, and jumped onto the bed, letting the briskness of the bed sheet cool down my skin, and squirming around, feeling the softness of my bed, almost comparable to lying on water. Inevitably, I had to get up for dinner, which was a succulent meal of veal, and later on, I had beef flavored chewing gum made out of tendon. We then headed out the next day for two major attractions. First up, was the Colosseum. It truly was colossal and beyond doubt a spectacular fact in the architecture and history of it. For a fact, the real name used to be the Flavius amphitheater and was started by Emperor Vespasian, and was opened by his son Titus in 80 C.E. In the Colosseum, I saw where the naumachia, which is a sea battle based on what happened in the past, took place, which was underneath the platform in the general center of the roman amphitheater. After another meal of pasta and pesto, we head out to the 16th Chapel, or the Sistine Chapel.
In the Sistine Chapel, I was truly impressed by the multiple masterpieces done by Michelangelo. In one painting, “The Last Judgment”, Michelangelo could not think of who the face of the guard of the underworld should be, so he then got his inspiration when one person came in not knowing that Michelangelo, the artist of the painting, was there, so he then insulted the painting, and the face of that person is of the guard. To some degree, I must include that it had to be complete silence inside of the Sistine Chapel with the occasional clearing of the throat, and the fact that the camera of my mother ran out of power just to emphasize the actuality of how many pictures my mother had taken. Most of the designs inside of the Sistine Chapel were quite regal. The place was as grand as two mansions combined, so to keep a molehill a molehill, I will just say my feet were sore. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel and that finished the final entry of the trip to Italy.

Concisely, I reviewed all those peregrinations and I daresay that it was, overall, a treasured entry to the journal of my life. Through boredom and interest, I learned, experienced, and ate as an everyday Italian person would. Exquisite cuisine, captivating attractions, and the ever numerous pigeon, I will always say, you will never know what lies beyond the door unless you bother to venture beyond it, beholding what it has in store for you.

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