When Cancer Took Over

October 17, 2011
By KateTheCreativeWriter BRONZE, Washougal, Washington
KateTheCreativeWriter BRONZE, Washougal, Washington
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Happiness takes strength, and an open mind, my Grandma had it all. It all started the day I went to her house and saw something I have never seen before…Her eyes and skin were yellow. She was always so stubborn when it came to going to the doctor’s but we managed to persuade her into going. Who would have guessed that doctor’s appointment would change the rest of our lives. This was the day she got diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

My grandma was known to be pretty healthy; we always went on walks when I was over at her house. She was my best friend. She always had a smile on her face, not to mention she had the biggest, most caring heart. I loved her so much. I met her on my 7th birthday; she came down from New York after the World Trade Center Tragedy. I remember when I met her, I had those butterflies deep in my stomach, and I can still feel them today. We went back to my house and she stayed in my room with me, I slept on the floor in my new sleeping bag. That was the first time I ever had a bond with her, after she went home again she persuaded my grandpa to move down here with her. Time went by, but before my grandma and grandpa moved down here, my grandpa passed away from Heart Failure. This devastated us all, but taught us that no matter the situation, don’t give up and live life. My family is known for the positive attitude towards life; it helps us conquer all the problems we may face.

Later on, my grandma moved down here by herself. We helped her search for a house and before we knew it, we had another house that felt just like home… My grandma’s new house!! This was the time of my life; I had everything a person could possibly need. The day she got diagnosed with cancer was the day I thought I was going to lose the one person who meant everything to me. She stayed strong; through all the Chemo and Radiation pills...and she managed to stay happy. Time went on, and she progressively got worse. She had to get so many surgeries, and get a port in her chest. It killed me inside to see her like this; she wasn’t who she used to be. She wasn’t the person who had a smile on her face every minute of every day, and lost her positive attitude. She knew that the day would come faster than she had imagined. The time came where we needed to move her in our house, just so we could keep a closer eye on her. Everything changed, she got worse and soon it came to her being unable to move…which was also the day she passed away.

April 18th, 2010, at around 10:00 p.m, she peacefully passed after I gave her the last hug she would ever feel, and the last hug I would ever be able to give to her. Tears poured down my face, I couldn’t control it. The most reassuring part of her death was, after she had passed I went outside and there was a frog. My grandma loved frogs, she had the biggest obsession. This frog reassured me that she was okay, and that she was finally free of the pain the cancer caused her. I miss her so much.

Before tomorrow comes, do me a favor; tell yourself how much you love your life and the people in it. As the days go by, make sure you live them to their fullest. Don’t take things for granted because who knows what tomorrow brings. I tell myself that every night, and every morning. My grandma taught me this; she showed me how to be strong. I hope you can be strong in your life as well.
Live, Laugh, Love…..Always.

The author's comments:
My Grandma Inspired me. This is my way of coping, she was My best friend.

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