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October 13, 2011
By Ash_Sam BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
Ash_Sam BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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This biography is written about the recording artist DMX. Born on December 18, 1970 I Baltimore, Maryland. He was born with the name Earl Simmons. His mother name was Arnet and his father name was Joe. When Simmons was at a young age his family knew that the area he lived in would get him in trouble. He moved in with his aunt in Yonkers, New York. Though Simmons had many brothers and sisters he still felt very lonely it was then when he befriend the love for dogs.

At a young age Simmons was beaten by his mother. Away for him to get away was his grandmothers house. His grandmother name was Merry Ella Holloway. He loved his grandmother very much like his own mother. At a young age Simmons started his life of crime. When he was seven years old he stared the habit of stealing. He also had a anger problem and challenged to keep it under control. At age eleven he was out of control and it was hard for his family to tame him. Because of his actions his other sent him to reform school named Children’s Village. He was hurt and felt like no one will protect him and he thought he had to protect himself. He stayed in Children’s Village for eighteen months. While in reform school he stared to love hip hop with beat boxing. From him beat boxing is where he got his stage name DMX. When he was fourteen he got into the habit of using crack cocaine. He then became addicted to this drug and needed a way to fund his habit. Also when he was fourteen it was his first time going to jail. While he was in jail he then started raping.

When Simmons was much older one night he went to a night club. When he was at the club he had seen a girl that had lived in the same apartment building as him a few years ago. They soon were in a relationship with each other. They then had a son named Xavier Simmons. At the time Simmons was twenty two years old and now working at a postal office. Even though he was working he still felt like he wasn’t getting enough money. So he then ran the streets again to provide his needs. The crime of the streets caught up to him and he spent one year in jail. While in jail Simmons wrote his first prayer. Right before his prayer he claims that he had a vision that changed his life. He then got back on track making his music and taking care of his music.

Simmons was always in clubs battling any and everybody who challenged him. He was discovered by the Ruff Ryders or Def Jam Records in 1997. He met producer Irv Gotti that was exited to see that there was somebody like Simmons out. Gotti knew there was nobody out like him at the time. But when he went looking for record deals no one would take him in because he was so raw. While he was looking for record deals he was also stealing and robbing at survive. At that time his grandmother was also getting sicker and weaker because in 1994 she was dying of bone cancer. Simmons then tried to stay back on track. Even though he was getting his life back together his grandmother died three months later.

After the death of his grandmother Simmons was very depressed and lifeless as some friends have said. And just when life couldn’t get any lower in his life he was brutally beaten by a group of men. The men beat him so bad his jaw was wired shut. When he got out the hospital he was really down. His friend Gotti called him with good news . Gotti had gotten a job at Def Jam records . Then Simmons career had taken off Even though Simmons had a hard life he had many achievements

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Deeny said...
on May. 24 2016 at 1:53 am
I love this article Dmx is my favorite rapper I was born de 18th as well had a troubled childhood and used my Grandma as refuge to get away from my mom until she was taken away from me at a very young age


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