October 13, 2011
By Setter BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
Setter BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
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I can remember the first time I ever played my favorite sport: volleyball. I was no where near good because I had no control over the ball. I loved it anyway.
Last year, in sixth grade, I played volleyball with the school. Most of the time we lost, and when we did I grew angry and sad. That got the whole team down. Later on, after one of my games, mom said, “I’m sorry that you lost. Did you at least try your hardest?”
“Ya, I did,” I replied.
“Well that’s all that matters.” That day I finally realized that it was true. From then on, the team and I always kept the spirit up no matter what.
Several weeks later, after basketball ended, mom and I headed over to ASC for Club Volleyball. I enjoyed it so much, but I didn’t know anybody there! Because of this I didn’t speak to anyone which made a frown form on my face. Later, two girls introduced themselves to me. That turned my frown, upside-down. From then on, we became friends and played volleyball together any chance we got.
They convinced me to try setting. Today it’s my favorite part of volleyball. When I’m in high school, I hope that I will be a setter for Moffat and Mountain Valley.
On Tuesday night, we played our first middle school game of the season against Sanford. Everyone had butterflies in their stomach. It’s finally our turn. We play it out for a while. Our opponents serve the ball. It glides through the air with great speed and force. It comes at me and I get in ready position. Being in the back row, I have to hit it hard. Thunk! The ball bounces off my arms, and it leaves a red mark behind. It goes straight up. Oh no! I think. Lainey tries to make it go over, but it does the same thing. It is high enough to set, so my hands automatically shoot up. My legs bend as the ball reaches its peak, then falls in slow motion. My legs and arms extend as the ball rolls perfectly into my hands. I try to push it over the net. It flies closer and closer. It hits the net and barley barely rolls over the top. The ball bounces on their side of the floor, and we get a point! “Yay!” the crowd yells and cheers in approval.
I don’t play volleyball just because its fun, I play because it has helped me in many ways. One reason is because I have become more athletic. Another reason is because my shyness has disappeared. Also, it has helped me make a lot of new friends and meet new people. I love volleyball. After all, it is my favorite sport!

The author's comments:
volleyball is my favorite sport ever!!!

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