October 13, 2011
By R.MnE.C BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
R.MnE.C BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
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Have you ever experienced having a friend that seemed to be more like a sister? Well I did. Her name was Janessa and she was as sweet and perfect as shiny candy cane.

We had all of theses great memories. For instance, we went to play basketball every time she came over. Another fun thing we did was play volleyball. One time Janessa, Alyssa, and I were out on my street and ally bumped the V-ball screaming “I go I go I go!” Then the ball flung through the air with all its force. Then smack! Right into Nessa’s forearms the ball went up and right into the neighbors car as we all stood frozen, cemented, and statuefied, one look was all we needed then we scattered like spilled Skittles. Taste the rainbow. Feel the rainbow. Run like the rainbow.

When I was young and stupid, I went through a faze that made me do thing I shouldn’t have done, but have no fear Janessa was here.

After I was grown out of my young and stupid faze, I tried do help her get through her mother’s death. I was there for her as much as I could be. Even though she was dying in despair, she hid her face with a mask full of joy. No tears. No frown none of this was found.
What surprise me is that we never had any flaws. Now that she has faded away, I never see her anymore. I also feel as if I ghost to her. As in she walks right through me.

A thing I will never forget is what I learned from her: I learned to not worry about things that don’t matter, and to keep my head high when all is going wrong.

I just wish you were here with all of us once more reunited as a strong, loving, and perfect friendship just like the first time I met you.

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Setter said...
on Nov. 15 2011 at 7:47 pm
Great job! Love this piece!

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