the hunt

October 13, 2011
By pestcontrol BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
pestcontrol BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
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Some say hunting is just a way to get the lead out, but I say it is a way to be in the out doors and live life the fullest.


“Do you think its good grandpa?” I said.

“Let me see.” he replied as he grabbed the barrel of my rifle.” Never look down the barrel if the chamber is loaded.” He told me with great caution.

“No duh dude” I replied.

“Good” He said. “When I finish cleanin the bore of the rifle, we can go.” He excitedly said.

Twenty minutes later after we unloaded the gear at base camp.

That morning it was so cold that I could feel my wet rain gear start to freeze up and slow me down. All you could hear was the light swish, swish of your steps and your cold tired breath lightly panting so the elk wouldn’t hear you, but so you could relax your rapidly beating heart.

After an hour or so of sluggish quiet non stop hiking, we reached the top just as dawn broke out showing the crystallized dew on everything. The dew was even on our own selves.

After we traveled to the top, we found the ultimate spot. That shaded look out spot was perfect. It had a couch made out of rock, gun rests, and full 360’s of visibility looking out to the elk fields. As we were there, I was lying next to my grandpa’s gun and the twenty year old lead head went off next to my BRAINS. It shot dirt every where and of course probably scared the elk away.

Five hours after the mentally gun almost killed me; we were almost upon the upper ridge. It was about 1:00p.m and I was hauling A** down to the creek.

In those insulated snow boots (there was actually some snow in small places, and my grandpa made me wear them) my feet felt like they were taking a dip in a volcano. Oh, you should have seen my face my grandpa said it looked like I got tazed by a tazer.


“Ok I’m ready to keep going dude.” I said.

“Rock on man.” He surprisingly replied, so we kept going until I heard a loud, snap! We froze rite there about twenty five yards away was a huge cow elk. With adrenalin pulsing through my body I slowly pulled out my rifle loaded the chamber and boom!.......THUMP!...Woo hoo!

-that elk right there will feed many families through the cold winters of Crestone.

I am a very adventurous guy and I hope to do hunting and out door activities all my life.

The author's comments:
The way of hunting inspired me to write this memoir.

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