The Big Move

October 12, 2011
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I roll around in my soft sheets feeling the cotton glide across my legs. I sit in my boring solid white room waking up to yet another morning. I reach down and pull my heavy denim blanket over my body. A chill slowly radiates up my spine so I tightly nestle myself in my blankets to remove the cold edge.

Now warm and comfortable my mind drifts off to a couple of months ago. I felt the hot and humid Texas air set against my golden tanned skin. I heard the childish ringing of the town ice cream truck and my ears fill with the sound of screaming kids as they run towards it. I shivered with refreshment as I inhaled the smell of the mossy river near by which causes a flash of memories glide into my mind; the familiar scent reminded me of the river flooding into our water filled sliding glass door.

I turn in my bed my beautiful memories past and gone. I feel a warm salty tear tumble down my face and settle on my lips, and I start shaking with emotion as my chest aches. I feel home sick only to realize that isn’t my home. I absorb a hard intense feeling that I hadn’t felt before it was like another brand of emotion.

I realize that the way I feel now will soon fade, and I will adjust to my new place, but I am yet to discover how. So slowly I bring myself to learn how to recover from my hard move. Everyday that I go to school, or saddle my horse I find something new to love about this place. With everything inside me, I dream and hope that living here will soon make me happy and I will have another beautiful Texas experience.

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