October 12, 2011
By monkeyman BRONZE, Moffat, Co, Colorado
monkeyman BRONZE, Moffat, Co, Colorado
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The amount of adventures I have could write a huge book, but I’m only going to tell a few.

Slamming my feet into spring bed, higher and higher I went. A huge smile covered my face, but out of nowhere the unthinkable happened…. Hitting the bed wrong I start to fly like superman to the side. My eyes lock to where I will probably land. Staring at one of the huge rocks surrounding the fire place, my whole life flashes before my eyes. The rock get’s bigger and bigger until all I can see is a huge wall of rock. Bam!!!!! My parents say I was blacked out; I personally remember dancing around with Mickey Mouse. My parents zoomed down to the fire place. “Marlon, come on, get up, your only five.”
Opening my eyes, a crack of light rushes to my eyes. I open them the rest of the way which makes them completely exposed to sunlight. My parents lifted me up and rushed me to the emergency room as fast as a cheetah.

This is just one of my many adventures.

“Okay mom, are you ready to go on the back pack trip.” I said.

“Yah just let me get my shoes on.” Mom replied.

“Are you sure that those will work? Their kind of sketchy looking, I mean it’s a four day trip.”

“Yah they’ll be fine.” They were not fine. In fact, I had to give her my backpacking shoes and wear tiny thin sandals. It was like paper shoes. When we got home, her blisters were as big as pancakes. The next backpack trip my mom wore good shoes but something still went wrong… I whizzed way ahead of Phill( our guide) and went to camp. About thirty minutes later my mom appeared from the trees.” What? You’re ahead of Phill. How could you of possibly past him.”

“No I never past him.” My heart started to speed. Faster and faster it pumped oxygen threw my body. I sprint to where I last saw him, and there he is making fire at a different campsite.

This is just one of my many adventures.

“Yah hunting birds is fun.” said Avery one of my good friends. I thought about it hard, and I thought about it long, until I finally came to a conclusion.
“All right fine, but no more than one each got it!”

“Yah okay.” We walked as slowly as a turtle avoiding twigs so that we wouldn’t scar the birdies. Silently roaming the forest until a yellow chested bird caught my site. Aiming the gun tip right to the little angel’s heart, pulling the trigger the pellet takes off. Flying threw the air it inches to the poor little bird. All the thoughts you could possibly think in that short time whizzed threw my mind.
“Why did you have to shoot it? Birds are awesome. They can fly.” On and on until the bird fell from the tree and lay on the ground. Water builds up in my eyes and streams down my cheeks like rain. It seemed almost impossible to walk to where Avery was because canon balls filled my shoes. “I got one.” I said with a shlumpish voice.

“Okay cool, I got one to, let’s eat.” I felt sorry for the bird but I to admit it was really good.

This is just one of my many adventures.

I hope that the adventures you just heard will make you want to find your adventures, so go outside and find your adventures. You’ll never know what’s in store for you.

The author's comments:
this peace is about my acventures.

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