Times with my Dad

October 12, 2011
By madnanners1906 BRONZE, Moffat, Co, Colorado
madnanners1906 BRONZE, Moffat, Co, Colorado
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Do you like hanging out with your dad? I do my dad is awesome.

“Hey son do you want to go to lake Navajo with me and our boss?” said my dad.

“Yeah I do dad.” I answered
When I went to Lake Navajo with my dad and boss it was amazing it may have taken a while to get there but when we did it I got surrounded by beauty I thought “WOW.”
The jet skiing wasn’t half bad either. The cool water splashing in your face; the roar of the engine. In all of my life all of the pain I have felt flipping the tube is worth the agony. The only thing that made it better was my dad being there. “Let’s go tubing.” I yelled across the great blue pond. He screeched back “sure lets get it hooked up.”

After the tube was hooked up the only thought that went thought my head was the cold fearful thought of flipping.

“Hit It!!” I screeched the sacred code word for go, and the jet ski roared to life.
“Whoom!!”I carve through the water like a knife through a pumpkin.

“Swish!!” In and out of the wake I scrambled like a new born on a slippery floor.

“Do you want to go faster?” My dad interrogated me.
“YESSS!” I screamed.

“VROOOOMMMM!!!” the Jet Ski roared as my dad pushed down on the gas.

Many tubing accidents later, the suns shift was over and it’s was the moons turn to watch. After dinner the quite chit chat of small talk filled the air. Along with music from our fellow campers.
As I entered the soft state of sleep. The only thought that filled my head was how awesomely cool my dad is.
“Hey dad want to go to the crestone music festival?” I asked my papa.

“Sure. “My dad answers.

When I went to the crestone music festival with my dad. My initial thought that I would just go hang with my friends. When I got there I found it was huge and there was a whole bunch of people there that I knew. I found my friends and check out all the sights. Though we were not long it was still very worth remembering. The harsh crude drums in the night. Like buffalo on a lone prairie.
When it was time to go my dad was there to let me go to sleep in the car.

Even if my dad isn’t perfect, he is the best dad for me. Reader pay attention to this even if your family isn’t perfect spend all the time you can with them.

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