The Time I Fell Into The Toilet

October 10, 2011
By DangerouzDillon BRONZE, Vake, North Carolina
DangerouzDillon BRONZE, Vake, North Carolina
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- Jimi Hendrix

It was late at night, and I didn’t know that the power had been out. So I went to go turn the light on, and then it wouldn’t work. So I was like “Holy Crap! Why isn’t this working properly” Eventually I realize that the power was off. So now I am already frustrated, and I can’t see because its dark and I was being loud and making a lot of racket. So I stumble my way into the bathroom, and I forgot my phone so I could shine a little light. I didn’t go back for it anyways, because I didn’t want to make any more noise as I already had.

So I get to the bathroom, and I start walking towards my toilet, and I slip on some previously remaining water that was in front of my toilet. So I try to catch myself, but that doesn’t really work out so well. I eventually lost my balance and I fell almost face first into the toilet. One of my hands caught the outer rim of the toilet but my other hand was not so fortunate. It fell into the dirty toilet water and it was just disgusting.

After I freak out for a few seconds, I got up and I tried washing my hands. I wash them for a few seconds, until I realize that I have my water running way too fast, and I am sloshing it around everywhere like blood in a butcher shop. It gets all over the ground, so now I am feeling really mad, because this is the same reason that I fell the first time.

I begin to walk out of the bathroom and I hit my head on the door, so that really hurt and all I remember is me trying to find the doorknob. It took forever to find the thing. I was scaling up and down the door to find the darn thing and it took forever! After I scale my way and find the doorknob, I open the door quietly and I walked into the slightly lit hallway. It was slightly lit because of the moonlight coming in from the window. To me it looked like the light was on. I was so used to walking through the darkness, now I had a little bit of light I could navigate through without making any noise.

I went into my laundry room and I got a towel so I could mop up my mess. After I got the towel I walked back into the hallway, which led me to the bathroom again. I entered the pitch black room and I proceeded to mop up the mess I had created because I am a responsible teenager. After my mopping was done, I hung the towel up to dry and I went to go open my door to my room.

When I went to open my door it squeaked really loud, so I tried to open it as smoothly as possible. When I was inside my room, I closed my door and I went to my bed. I forgot that the night before I had rearranged my room and when I went to walk where my bed used to be, I tripped over my Peavey Envoy 110 amp, which really hurt. I slightly remember me hitting my head on this metal bar from a folding chair. When I hit the bar, I felt really dizzy afterward and I had a headache. For what seemed like hours, I was really just laying down for a few minutes. It felt weird sitting there in a daze, halfway dizzy and halfway asleep. Finally I just lied down and fell asleep.

I learned from my experience, that I should not be lazy and start wiping up my messes before I leave the bathroom. By mess, I mean the pre-existing water on the floor from a shower. One day, it’s not going to be funny when you fall in the toilet. I am Dillon R., and I approve of this story and encourage you to take precautions.



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