October 9, 2011
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“I would be careful when you go in there if I were you”… that’s what the “older kids” would always tell us. There was a bathroom in the old center school; maybe you may even remember it?

It was small; from the outside it only appeared to be a maintenance closet. But what hid behind the door was everything that the rumors told.
You walked in to find old stalls with paint chipped doors decorated with phone numbers and sappy sayings like “I love MJ” written on the walls. There was a heater lining the wall parallel to the door that stood maybe two feet high and mirrors and sinks lining the other wall.
But your time in that bathroom was always spent doing what you needed to do and no unnecessary business, including the normal girly stuff, fixing your hair and making obnoxious kissy faces in the mirror. And it was always a team trip to the bathroom; you were one brave sole if you went in there alone.

From the day I walked into the school to the day I walked out the front door it was put into my head that the third floor bathroom was haunted. That Bloody Mary hid in the mirrors, you didn’t dare test that theory though. We were always cautious never to spin around three times and then look into the mirror, because if we did Mary would come out and snatch us up and then you were gone forever… So as you walked into the bathroom hand in hand with your best friend, you made sure to look under every stall before you had a race to see who could pee and wash their hands the quickest. Rest in Peace Mary!

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