The Climb of a Lifetime

October 4, 2011
By 26bball38 BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
26bball38 BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
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I looked up and saw it. I had only seen it in pictures, but now I got to see it in real life. It was super tall. I was scared to go up it. It was a big tower sitting right in the middle of Paris, France. It was the Eiffel Tower!

I was approaching the tower with second thoughts, not sure if I wanted to go up. Then I hopped in the long line. Too late now! I would have to face my fears and go up. I inched into the clear, glass elevator, and it stared to rise up to the first level. When I got to the first level, I thought, “Wow, this isn’t that bad.” Then I waited in line for the second elevator. The line was really long. It stretched out like an unending worm, weaving around all the obstacles on the first level of the Eiffel Tower. I had to wait on line for around forty minutes! After I got thorough the unending line, I jumped into the second elevator.
Up, Up, Up! I was rising up to the second level. Up over the mountains and through the clouds. I was way higher up then I was expecting.I looked out over the rail. The people looked like tiny little multicolored ants running around beneath me, not noticing I was staring at them. They walked right pass the Eiffel Tower, like they didn’t even notice that a 1,036 foot tall tower was sitting right next to them. They see the tower every day, so I guess their used to it. But to me, it was a dream come true!
It was a very foggy, cold, and eerie day, so I could only see for about a mile I think. I ran around to the back of the tower to get a view from all the way around. I absorbed the beauty around me as I made my way around the tower. I looked left and I saw buildings and sky. I looked right and saw more buildings and sky. I looked up and saw more then half the tower left! I knew that I wouldn’t be climbing up the stairs because they were so slick from the rain. It would be like trying to run up an ice coated mountain with banana peels on your feet.
After I walked all the way around the tower, I checked my watch. I was so soaked into the beauty of the sights that I lost track of the time. I had 5 minutes to race down the tower and get back to my group! I thought it would be impossible.I grabbed the group of friends I was with and we ran down the tower and through the lines. We were bobbing and weaving through the crowds of people, holding on to our belongings, hoping not to get pick-pocketed. When we finally got to the bottom, our group was in the middle of count-off. Good thing we were at the end!
Climbing up the Eiffel Tower is not something all people get to do every day. It changed my life, and I will never look at nature the same way again. I will always gives things a second glance and a closer look. I had the opportunity of a life time, and I made it a great memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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