I wanna scratch my head

October 3, 2011
By RaafayAwan PLATINUM, Multan, Other
RaafayAwan PLATINUM, Multan, Other
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I wanna scratch my head, I wanna sleep, I wanna jump, I wanna relax, I wanna watch movies, I wanna laugh out loud !! Aah what a tough week this was! For the first time in months I actually felt like I did not have time to scratch my head :)
All I saw were books all I did was to make notes and prepare quizzes! Thankfully it has ended, um the bad news is that start of the next week will be more tougher than this but I have this weekend to relax although still loads work to cover.

Its always a strange when someone blames you for the things you don't do and fights over petty issues but then I must get used to it now! It hurts but then, that's how things have always been with me and I don't see any chance of improvement, however this time I was thinking that the last chance will be taken seriously.

I'll go home Inshallah this week, most probably on Wednesday. Thanks to my strict sir and workload I do not have the luxury to skip one full week and enjoy time at home. I'm keeping in mind the fact that eid is near and maybe I'll get good lengthy holidays but then the next thing that comes to mind is that my exams will finish two days before eid and we won't be able to book any seats that late.

I'm wanting to play cricket and I'm wanting it badly!!

Nothing more to write for now, I'm noticing that I haven't written an article for long and my weekly diary mostly contains the usual stuff of university, me and cricket! there must be some change, there must be something wicked,funny,strange!!! :D

My room mate must be furious by now as he must be having to wait for me, Its time already and we have to go back to our apartment and there will be no taxi's !! :)

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