Tractor Tale

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I was sure I was going to plow into something when I released the clutch and took off towards the driveway. The tractor wrenched forward and hard to the right the front wheels rose up into the air, so I cranked the wheel fast and hard luckily I cleared the equipment laying deep in the tall wrinkly green grass. After a hard start the rest of the to the driveway was fine. Rattled, I pulled up to the driveway to pick up my dad who had not seen the tractors reaction to the load we had put on it. I came to a slow stop, put on the parking brake, and let my dad get on.

After my dad was on I carefully let out the clutch, scared what was going to happen this time. The almost uncontrollable tractor jerked forward out into the middle of the road,and again the black tread of the front wheels came of the ground. My dad yelled, thinking I was playing around and I immediately stamped on the brake.The over worked tractor shook to a stop, luckily no one was coming down the road. Still on the road, I dropped the faded blue tractor down a couple of gears like my dad told me to and eased off of the clutch..... then the tractor drove just fine. It turned out that I was in a to high of gear for the load that was on the back. Form that day on I have always been scared to take a full load on the road because I don’t need a repeat of the scary time.

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