Hunting with my Brother

October 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember sitting in my grandparent’s house waiting for Bubba (my brother.) My grandma was cooking (as usual) and my grandpa was watching t.v. My brother finally got there after five minutes but it felt like an eternity! I was so pumped to go hunting plus it was my first time deer hunting. I’ve had so many great memories on my grandparent’s property.

There we were, creeping down the lane. I was loading up my 20 ga. shotgun and I asked “How many should I put in?” Then Bubba said “3 should be fine.” We were getting very close to the alfalfa field, and I was getting very excited. My brother saw a dirt pile and said “Lets go behind there.” Then we crept over by the dirt pile. Bubba took off his extra sweatshirt that was black and told me to set my gun on it so it wouldn’t get full of mud.

We were sitting there for and hour or so, and it started to sprinkle. I whispered to Bubba “I hope this doesn’t last very long.”Surprisingly it didn’t last long. It sprinkled for 5 minutes at the most. It wasn’t long before my brother said “Look over there.” I looked to where he was looking at and that’s when I saw her.

My brother helped me get my gun where I needed to get it. I put my shoulder on the butt of the gun, looked in the scope, and put my finger on the trigger. I put the cross hairs where I needed them and slowly pulled the trigger. After we watched her run away we watched the video over and over again. We both decided that I made a good shot.

Finally we walked out to where she was standing when i shot her. We looked and looked for blood, but we couldn’t find any! So i got down lower to the ground and I said “Got some blood over here!” I lead the way when we were following the blood trail. When we got to the red brush I lost the blood trail. There were 2 trails to go down, so Bubba went down one and I went down the other. Suddenly I heard him say “Over here.” I ran as fast as I could over to my brother. I looked way ahead of us and I was something white. So I looked even closer and realised it was her belly! I told Bubba and he said to give the gun to him just in case she wasn’t dead. Once we got up to her we pulled her out of the brush. We went to go get my mom, took pictures, and my brother gutted her out. YUCK! I love the memories that I have with my brother on my grandparent’s farm.

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