Bow stand

September 30, 2011
By Jake13 BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
Jake13 BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
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Bow pulled back, the buck is in my sight. Heart is pounding and I’m breathing out of control. Its only a half rack 3 pointer,he must of lost the other side fighting. I made the wrong move, he spots me, 5, 10, 20 yards. Finally stops, and its a perfect broadside shot. taking a deep breath in I hit the release, over his back. The buck came out of the brush, fallowing the same trail as the doe from the nigh before.His nose in the air looking right up at me.Not making a move, he puts his head back down moving closer. Getting ready he comes in range.Disappointed I get down from the stand to get my arrow. I walk back to the four-wheeler,and go back home.The next night I go back out to the same stand, nothing till the sun disappears past the horizon.Here comes a small doe, it stands right beneath my stand. Three shots and I'm out, One shot left,pulling back she sees me.She runs 30 yards and stops.

Deep breath in,hit the release one last time. I realise it was a high shot, but I hit it in the neck. Getting out of the stand , I threw my hands up like a Green Bay Packer that just won the supper bowl. Yes shes down. Picking up my arrows I realize she’s not dead, and i don’t have my knife on me. Going back to get some help, i get a feeling that i have never felt before. Lets go see what we got my dad says.Walking into the field we see her curled up into a ball. She can barely keep her eyes open. He said it was kind of a high shoot, but she didn’t go far.

We got closer, she still didn’t move.Do you want to finish her off my dad said. No you can do it I said. He walks closer with the knife,and when he bent down to kill her she got up and took off like nothing happened. Fallowing her with the spotlight she disappears like a ghost in the night. Trying to find the blood trail was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Walking in the field trying to find blood, no luck. A half dead spotlight isn’t helping at all.

I see her down there in the marsh I said. Sneaking over there she gets up again. By this time the light was useless. Still looking at 9:30 we decided to come back in the morning. Up early and back out into the field. Looking but no more luck then last night. I trace the trail from where i shot her to where we saw her last. Tons of blood but then its just gone.Still looking we see nothing so we just gave up.

I have target practice more and make more educational shots.That day changed my life in many was such as my family would do stay out and help me look for a doe that we know that we weren’t gonna get.It changed me so that I would make sure that it would be a killing shot not to wound it. If I feel It’s not a consistant shot I will not take it.

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