No Fear

September 30, 2011
By SwiftWriter809 BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
SwiftWriter809 BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
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No Limits: “To suffering there is a limit; to fearing, none.” - Kevin Bacon
My front tire was dangling over the bowl, it was cold, and i was nervous. Looking 10 feet down, can I land it? When I turn around hoping that no one is noticing. I nearly fainted. All of my friends, a hand full of kids that I wouldnt pick a fight with, and some guys that question me on what they do everyday were staring at me. My life is ruined I thought, well maybe If they don’t see or say anything. But I want to look good. Great.

As sweat dripped from my hair, I swallowed some spit and preyed this would turn out correctly. As I backed up to get some speed, I thought over what all of my friends told me to do. What if my sprocket hits? What happens if my pedals aren’t in the right position. That moment, something clicked. I told my self I have achieved harder, and my self esteem level was flooding.

I got my pedals into the position that just felt right, and I was gone. Click, click, click, my bike was ready and roaring towards the drop and my front tire dove in. As time froze, I played back every single move my friends preformed in my head. I jolted my back tire off the ground, and felt the speed build up beneath me. The feeling that I had that second was no more less that winning the lottery.

I felt like I actually accomplished a goal that was supposed to be out of my reach. Did I become a man? Ha ha, I think I over reacted. But hey, this was big! I was always worried about being a sloppy biker. Every time I go to the skate park with my friends now, I do not feel left out, and everyday when I go out biking its awesome to see the slight increase in my progress. It is pretty cool to be as good as your 18 year old friend that has been biking two times longer than you.

Overall, that day I think I learned to never give up. Also, take risks once in a while, what fun is a hobby if you never progress, or it doesn’t gets harder each time you try. I really do look up to the guys that are doing flips with no hands, and one day if that was me having that amount of respect and skill would be awesome. It was a cold day, and the amount of pressure on me was killer, but it pays out in the long run believe me.

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BMX4Lifedude said...
on Oct. 5 2011 at 2:33 pm
Wow, your good.

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