Long Day of Hunting

September 30, 2011
By Lizzie Duel BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
Lizzie Duel BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
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Here we sit at 4:30 in the morning leaning against a huge oak tree waiting for a big tom to strut out in front of us. The bark is stabbing are backs. There are beautiful big brown and orange leaves falling on us. We quietly brush them off of us trying to be as quiet as we can. We feel this sharp stabbing in are eyes of the colors orange, yellow, and a tint of red. It’s the sun starting to rise. It is such a beautiful sight. It’s 5:00 this is the time the turkeys fly out from roosting. We really have to be quiet and look around slowly. We see a tom and five hens on the other side of the hill. We call to see if they come are way. We call to see if they come are way. We wait five minutes. They can’t hear us. The wind is blowing south. I ask dad if we can crawl over there. He said yes, but it is going to take a while. We have to be as quiet as we possibly can crawling over to them. So we grab the shooting stick to bring with us, a box of bullets, and the gun. We leave the blind ready to shoot a tom. While we are crawling we check to see if they’re still there. Dad rises slowly, they are. We’re in luck. We have about five more minutes left. I keep myself busy by singing in my head or dreaming about shooting this” fifty pound” tom. We arrived to our destination ! WOW...day dreaming does work! We just sneak around a pine tree. We find a big log that looks really good to rest up against. I get comfortable and get the gun up and set to shoot this “50 pound” turkey. Looks like we didn’t need the shooting stick. I click the safety, eye up the beads right to the turkeys chest. I slowly and consciously pull the trigger... BOOM!!! The turkey jumps up, and does a 360’ flip and lands in the grubby old dry dirt with rocks laying in it. I think for a minute I just shot this “50 pound” turkey! I run up to the turkey and look at it. I can’t believe I just shot that! Wow... I look at dad give him him thumbs up and, take the tag out of my pocket and zip-tie it to the turkeys leg. After that I pick the turkey up, throw it over my shoulders, and walk over to dad. I give him a big hug. I’m so exited! I cant believe I just did this! Dreaming of shooting it while crawling over to the log. I actually did shoot it. Wow, just wow! We start to walk to the truck. When we get there we through the turkey on the tailgate and hop in the truck to go to the shack. When we get there we tell everyone the big news! We go out to the truck and show them. I get pictures taken, high-fives, and congrats! I felt so special! Thinking to myself I’m like,today is my day. After pictures and everything we go to Ripon to register my turkey. We get done with that and, head are way back to the shack to gut the turkey out. That’s the fun part, but smells so bad! I throw the turkey on the cutting table, and let the boys cut it up. I go run to the house and find my cousin Ashley and tell her the big news! She gave me and big hug. She was happy for me. The first thing every teenage girl does is go on Facebook and post what happened, so guess what! I went to the computer and logged into my Facebook, and posted that I just shot a “50 pound” turkey! After that we both go back outside, into the shed and see how far they have gotten. They’re just about done. Most of the meat is into bags, in the back of dads truck. When they finished we had 4 bags of meat in the back of dads truck. We say are Goodbye’s and hop in the truck and head of from home to take a long nap and go out hunting later that night. We got home and took the bags of meat into the garage to put them in the big freezer. On are way inside we got a call that my brother Erick shot a tom too. I said to dad “Really, did he?” Dad said “Yes he really did!” So he asked if I wanted to go back to the shack to see what he shot. I said “ No I need some sleep just send me a picture.” He said ok. Dad left, and I went inside to take a nap. I took my boots off, and went to lay on the couch. I laid down and thought to myself I thought today was my day. I guess not, but I was happy for my brother. I got the picture and it was a decent tom! I sent a message congrats to him, and went to sleep.

The author's comments:
Are teacher let us choose a topic to write a memoir about. I choose hunting and shooting my first turkey!

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