i hate.

September 28, 2011
i hate storms. i hate divas. i hate math. i hate cheerleading. i hate jocks. i hate breaking bones. i hate Axe, and the guys who where it. i hate those people who never log off of Facebook. i hate people who are 'gaycist.' i hate "your mom." i hate people who are always taking pictures of themselves. i hate sagging pants. i hate guys with ponytails. i hate the gross guys in Jersey Shore. i hate crazy Bieber fans. i hate animal cruelty. i hate racist jokes. i hate tabloids. i hate $40 makeup. i hate spiders. i hate people in choir who don't sing. i hate when people just "don't read." i hate when. people. read. like. every. word. is. a. different. sentence. i hate running. i hate nosy people. i hare gym. i love life.

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