A Night Never Forgottten

September 23, 2011
By kjennings123 BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
kjennings123 BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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For months I was so excited to go to the Katy Perry concert. When I first found out she was coming to town in September I freaked out and started begging my mom to get tickets. She kept putting it off saying she would do it, and she would do it later. Eventually that "I'll do it later" phrase was starting to become a I'll never do it.

When we were at Caroline's house one night for dinner my mom and Mrs. Jen were sitting downstairs having a glass of wine and Caroline and I were upstairs watching hanging out and listening to the radio. When a Katy Perry song came on I freaked out and explained my obsession to Caroline. Once I finished she told me how much she liked her too. Right then and there I remembered that the concert was in a few months. When I told her all about it we both freaked out and ran downstairs to tell Mrs. Jen. We both knew she would let us go. Right when we got downstairs our moms were cracking up laughing about something but we had to interrupt them. Caroline told me that her mom really liked Katy Perry too so there was no way she wouldn't let us go.

Caroline started to explain to her mom all about it and of course Mrs. Jen's response was "of course, let's see what we can do. Hand me my computer." Caroline and I started jumping and screaming with excitement. Mrs. Jen explained to me that she refuses to sit anywhere other than in the first four rows. Knowing that made my insides jump. I was so excited, I had never sat on the floor for a concert before.

Mrs. Jen immediately found seats in the fourth row and she found six seats. Mrs. Jen ordered the tickets and we started making plans right that moment. We were going to Katy Perry and we were pumped. Well, I never expected that one...

Two months passed by and the concert was quickly approaching. We decided we were going to invite Morgan and Jenna and my mom and Mrs. Jen were going to take us to the concert. That night I started to research all kinds of stuff on Katy Perry. As I was surfacing the web, I came across some vital information. I read on the "Official Katy Perry" website that whoever has the best outfit and is the loudest at the concert will get picked to go on stage during the concert and will get to meet Katy Perry. I'm pretty sure my heart melted. My stomach turned into knots and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I called Caroline that minute and explained to her what I found out. I'm pretty sure she started to hyperventilate!

After discovering that piece of vital information our next step was to find an outfit. I came across some really cool ones but I knew that it wasn't just up to me to decide. The next weekend I was at Caroline's house again and we decided to keep looking up more outfits. We couldn't decide on one specific outfit so we decided to give it a break for a little bit.

It was the last week of of July and we still had no idea what we were going to do. I was leaving for California and we weren't going to be able to meet up again until school started. When I was at the airport that week I found an "All About Katy Perry" magazine and I just had to have it. So when I got on the plane I began reading it and came across various outfits that were just so cute. I flipped the page and I immediately knew this was it, this is what we could do. Katy wore it in her California Dream Tour and that was the tour she was currently on. As soon as I got off the plane I sent Caroline a picture, I knew she would like it. And of course she did. My mom told me that we could probably get my grandma to make them for us so of course she gets on the phone and calls her up that minute. My grandma gladly said she would make them for us and all we needed to do for her was send her our measurements.

When I got home from California I got Caroline, Jenna, and Morgan to send me their measurements and I sent them off to my grandma. All of the girls loved my idea and I was so excited to see them when the were finished.

September rolled around and we only had eight more days until the concert. My grandma was bringing the costumes over to us so we could all try them on and make sure they all fit. When we tried them on and finally got to see them, it just made us all the more excited. I was obsessed with the outfit, I just wanted September 8 to be here already.

The day of the concert rolled around and I could not sit still, I was in a good mood all day. My insides were jumping with joy, I couldn't hold in my emotions any longer. When I got home from school I had to take a quick shower and get to Caroline's by four, we were running on tight schedule. We got ready quickly and before we knew it we were on our way. We took so many pictures before we left the house it was ridiculous. We looked amazing in our costumes, we were all in love with them.

We get to the arena within the hour and we got out the car and started screaming. It was finally here, the moment we had been waiting for since June. We start walking toward the arena and people started asking us to take pictures with them. Everyone was staring and complimenting us on our outfits. They had been a huge success, I would save mine forever.

Once we got into the arena, quickly buy our souvenirs, and sprint to the entrance to the "V.I.P. Floor Seats." We had to wait in line for a minute so we could give them our tickets and get our floor seat wrist bands. I've never had floor seats before so I was basically freaking out. I was so excited.

We finally ran through the curtains and walked onto the ground level. We all looked at each other and started screaming. Oh my gosh, I had never been so excited before. We started walking toward the stage to find out where our seats were, once we found them our moms let us go walk around. When we were walking around all kinds of people were asking for pictures. I felt like a famous person, it was ridiculous. So many people were complimenting us, it was unreal. We were taking a picture with a group of girls when these two boys walk up to us. Boy were they cute, I really wanted them to ask us to take a picture with us.

Once we were finished with that picture the two boys came up to us and he said, "Can we take a picture with you, it's kind of important. Like we need it."

They were being really sketchy about it but of course we took a picture with them. I mean how could you not take a picture with them. We stood there, confused, as they were walking away from us. Next thing we know, the blondie turns around and says, "Oh, by the way, I'm Scott. Katy's backup dancer."

The four of us looked at each other and started screaming, we were in awe. He proceeded by saying, "Yeah, I'm going backstage right now to go show her the picture. I thunk she will really like it. Y'all look just like her."

We couldn't stop screaming, was this real life? He asked us where we were sitting so he would be able to find us when he came back so we told him. I started jumping up and down and gave both of the guys hugs and thanked them at least five times. He told us not to get our hopes up and to keep it on the down low, but how could you possibly keep something like that on the down low? As he was walking away I screamed out, "Put in a good word for us!" he nodded and kept walking.

The four of us frantically ran over to our parents trying to tell them what just happened to us. "Slow down, slow down. Catch your breath... Now what happened?" Caroline was the first to open her mouth so she explained to our moms what had happened.

My mom's response was, "Yeah, okay. Whatever, y'all wish."

She didn't believe us and it made us kind of mad but it was whatever. We decided that we were going to go walk around and go see some of our friends on the upper levels. We were in the 100s level taking a picture with some of the SSA girls and telling them what just happened to us when Caroline heard Mrs. Jen's whistle. Caroline turned around and started yelling at us and telling us we had to go. When I turned around I saw the two back up dancers standing with our moms. I screamed and took off running up the stairs. The SSA girls looked at us, frazzled and confused.

We ran around the entire arena as fast as we could trying to get to the stairs on the other side. My stomach was in knots and my head was pounding, I just wanted to be down there. We ran to the escalator, jumped on, and started dodging through all the people. The people were getting angry with us but they had no idea what was about to happen to us. We finally made it down to the floor after running down the wrong stairs, running back up the same stairs, and down the right escalator. We ran up to them as the anxiously waited for us. Catching our breath and resting on our knees, Scott explained to us what was going to happen and gave us Backstage Passes. I was on the verge of tears, I could feel them forming in the corner of my eyes. Was this really happening to us? Am I dreaming?

From the beginning we knew that it was possible to get on stage but we never thought that we would actually make it up there. This was the greatest moment of my entire life.

Scott told us that when "Last Friday Night" came on to be ready because an escort was coming to get us to take us back there. Right as Scott was finishing giving us directions the lights went on and we started screaming. He told us that he had to go but he would see us on stage. Oh my gosh, my insides were jumping and my heart was beating 100 miles an hour.

The concert was amazing, we knew every word to every song. We danced like no body was watching and we sang at the top of our lungs. This was bound to be the best night ever.

Right when "Last Friday Night" came on we all looked at each other and started screaming. Next thing we knew there was a security guard there and ready to take us. We told our moms by and he made us run to the backstage entrance. Some more SSA girls were sitting on the first row right along the side of the stage and they were screaming at me and high-fiving me. My stomach was turning, my heart was beating fast, and I had butterflies. I couldn't believe this was about to happen. When we got backstage, they lined us up and gave us directions. The next we knew they were pushing us up the steps to the stage. Most of the time I get stage fright and get really nervous going in front of a group of people. I'm very self conscious and awkward. I was about to go in front of 12,000 people on a stage, everyone would be looking at me.

None of that phased me, I was nervous at first but then I was pumped. We rsn up to the front of the stage and started dancing, screaming, and singing. Katy welcomed us on to the stage and danced with us. I could see my mom taking pictures of us and I saw all my friends on the side of the stage screaming and jumping up and down. They were so jealous.

I look down to the first row and see Cristen screaming my name and taking a bunch of pictures of me. I turned to Katy, slapped her arm slightly, and told her it was her birthday. I was pointing to Cristen. Katy spoke into the microphone asking Cristen if it were really her birthday. Cristen nodded frantically and Katy told her to come up on stage. Cristen hopped the barricade and I pulled her up onto the stage. Katy was seeing "I Just Want to Dance With Somebody," which fit perfectly because she brought her fans on stage to dance.

I was screaming and dancing the entire time, this was the best moment ever. Could this really be happening? Who would have guessed that we would be doing this? It was something I dreamed of, hoped for. Never would I think this would be happening.

Once the song ended, Katy thanked us for coming gave us all high-fives. She pulled the four of us over and told us, "Y'all need to stop stealing my clothes out of my closet. This is getting ridiculous, y'all look amazing. Just like me, good job girls. Hope y'all had a lot of fun. Now give me a hug."

We all gave her a hug and told her thank you. Best moment of my entire life. When I got off the stage I fell to the ground and started screaming. I'm pretty sure some tears came out too. I was so happy, words just couldn't describe.

When we got back to our seats everyone around us was giving us hugs and complimenting us. It was great. The rest of the concert was amazing. Katy put on such an incredibly show, by far the best concert I have ever been too.

Once the concert ended, we stayed a little after to continue taking pictures and say our goodbyes. When we got in the car my phone was blowing up. Some many people were texting me and sending me pictures. I felt so popular. When I checked my Facebook later that night a lot of people were posting on my wall and tagging me in pictures. I felt famous. This was by far the best night of my life. I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't stop thanking my mom and Mrs. Jen. It was definitely a dream come true.

I will never forget this, it was such a memorable night. I'm so glad I got share this experience with my best friends in the entire world. Such a good 18th birthday present to Cristen, so glad I got to spend it with her and to make it on stage with her.

All of my nervous and stage fright issues quickly faded away. I guess you could say I'm not afraid to make a foul of myself anymore. Those 12,000 people have really got to me. Once a Katy Perry fan, always a Katy Perry fan.

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