Angel in the Outfield

September 16, 2011
By Vallery SILVER, Spotsylvania, Virginia
Vallery SILVER, Spotsylvania, Virginia
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Your gone. Like so many other things i never knew. I don't remember your face, though I see parts of you in so many others'. So many questions fill my head when I think of you. Did you know? What made you write that letter? Did you feel pain or just peace? Were you scared? What do you see, feel, hear now? do you know others' thoughts or just their desires or what about their secrets? Can you be in two places at once or are you nowhere at all? So many people miss you...the ones you've touched and the ones you would've. I don't understand. When I speak to God at night, I pray for you...I pray you are in Heaven and that you aren't suffering. Then I pray for your family and all your friends. The ones you love and those who will always woder why. Until then, goodnight Spencer.

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