Missouri Snow

September 13, 2011
By Luv2WriteNO1 BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
Luv2WriteNO1 BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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That day the sky was pearly gray in color and the ice cold wind blew against my face and made my hair dance. I wore my special coat which was navy blue and went down to my ankles and had a muffler and hood. Then I paired it with my thick sparkly pink gloves and rainbow colored scarf. I quickly made a run for my mom's van and wrapped a blanket around my body in order to keep warm. The heater was turned on full blast which brought feeling back to my face and fingers.

When we arrived at school my mom told me and my sister to stay warm. When I was in class a few minutes later everyone was saying they hoped it snowed. I started desperately hoping that it would, because I had never seen snow before. Halfway through the morning the flurries began to fall and we all rushed to the windows. Our teacher told us to sit down because they were only flurries but only half of us listened. As my classes continued the flurries started becoming bigger and eventually it started to actually snow. The snow was all I could thing about and I wished the day would end, so that I could go home and play in it.

But then at the end of my second class the intercom came on and told my teacher that I had to report to the office to check out. I quickly got my things and went to the office, wondering the whole time why I was being checked out. When I got to the office my dad was there and took me and my sister to my mom's car. As we ran for the van the snow continued falling and I noticed that the ground was covered with an inch of snow. We quickly got in and started driving away. When I asked my mom why we were being checked out she told me that it was because she didn't want us to be snowed in at school. On our way home we stopped at a Chinese buffet and had lunch. Then we went home and my mom said that we could go play in the snow.

My sister and I put on our brand new snow boots and ran out the front door. We immediately each took handfuls of snow and started throwing them at each other. After that we started trying to make a snowman. My mom gave us a bucket so that we could collect the snow easier. We ran around the yard like maniacs as the snow continued to fall around us. We tried to make a circular bottom but the snow was to powder, so we ended up with a rounded square. Then we tried to make the middle. The middle was harder because we had to pour snow on top of the bottom and try to shape it.

The middle came out more circular than the bottom. Next we made the head which was to smell and made him look funny. Next we started looking for twigs that could be arms. We found a huge one and a small one. Our dad tried to make them as even as possible, but one was still bigger than the other. Next we tried looking for eyes but there were no rocks. Our mom got us some grapes from inside and a baby carrot for the nose. Then for the eyes, we found a little box and used each half as his eye. After that we just made indentations for his buttons and we were done. Our end result was a misshapen snowman, with ridiculous deformed features. But we loved him all the same and laughed about it.

When our mom saw him she laughed and said we were very good snowman makers. But to this day my sister and I insist that it was the snow's fault for being to powdery. Our mom let us play around a little longer. The hole time my sister and I kept falling in the snow, and my feet became soaked because of so much snow getting in my boots. After we finally went in and took hot baths. After, when we came out my mom turned the heater really high and my sister and I dressed in our warmest pajamas.

We had on long johns, fleece pajamas, fleece socks, fleece robes, and slippers. Then we went into the front living room and got under our fleece blankets as we watched TV. Our mom made us hot chocolate with vanilla whip cream. I took a sip and immediately felt warm. Afterwards I went to sleep, my body warm and happy from my layers of fleece and the hot chocolate. When I woke up I still had to do the homework that I had. But after we had dinner and talked about our fun snow day.

After dinner my mom opened the blinds on our front window and my sister and I watched the snow. That night I went to sleep happy, having finally experienced a real snow day. The next day it was Saturday and I was sick with a fever and a cold. I had to spend the whole day in bed or on the couch and watch TV. I felt awful, and had nothing to eat but chicken noodle soup. But I had TV, my chihuahua, and video games to keep me entertained. I could have lived without the fever but I felt that it was totally worth it. Nothing could make my snow day awful or change my happy thoughts about snow. My mom never let us play in the snow that much after that. No matter how much my sister and I begged my mom said we had to be careful and not get sick. But that didn't stop the occasional snowball from flying in the air, hurtling towards one of our heads.

The author's comments:
I wrote about the time I had my first snow day in Kansas City, Missouri

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on Sep. 12 2013 at 9:23 am
Luv2WriteNO1 BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
4 articles 0 photos 11 comments

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Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among the stars

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